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Monday, 30 December 2013


Hello Ladies.......and a Happy New Year !!!!!

Did you all survive Christmas ??? We did just !!!!

I was planning to write a blog just before Christmas to wish you a happy and peaceful one, but we had awful floods and power cuts, didn't get our power back until 11.30pm Christmas Eve !!!!! So you were all in my thoughts that you weren't flooded out or without power as it really isn't much fun, and I know some people fared far worse than myself !!! The main thing is that you were with loved ones for the festive holidays and that you all told each other that you loved them. And that is what Christmas means to and spending time together.

And so with the old year drawing to a close let us remember all the good things we have done and achieved this year and all the good things that have been done for us. And if we were lacking in any way then the New Year is a good way to try a little bit harder, with a clean slate. I'm certainly going to be putting into practice what I preach in the coming year.

So from all of us at Therapy we wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Take care
Louise x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

4 SATURDAYS........

Hello Ladies

Have you worked out what 4 Saturdays means..............THAT THERE ARE ONLY 4 SATURDAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.........EEK!!!!!!!

I'm just back from my holiday and it's full on Christmas!! I've got to get my skates on. Still really in holiday mode, but I know if I don't get a move on I'll run out of time.

Well here at Therapy we have it all sorted out for you. We've put up our Christmas gift shelves, that look very festive and cheery. I particularly love the Avoca blankets, I want to buy one in every colour and they are such a good price £99 for the mohair and £89 for the wool. Nice just to wrap around your knees on these cold evenings or to put over the sofa. Also they are big enough to cover a single bed. Laura loves the big fat robins from Scandi Chic, lovely to sit under the Christmas tree or to pop on a windowsill or mantlepiece. They are available in five different sizes, and they are holding either Mistletoe or Berries in their beaks, they are so cute. And Ann loves the array of scarves we have in all the colours of the rainbow, a few too many for me to write about!!!!

And ladies never fear, we have it all sorted out for the men in your life to get you just what you want from us............our very own CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!!!!

All you need to do is pop into Therapy and pick up a Wish List and write down what you've seen. There is room for you to write the make, what the item is, the colour, the size and the price. Or if you prefer we can fill it in for you.  Then all you have to do is hand it to your loved one and get him to pop along to us and we will be happy to help him in any way we can. We will even gift wrap the present for him!!! Remind him that you have a Loyalty Card and to get the points put on it so you are nearer to you £50 Gift Voucher!!! If you haven't got one yet, why not???? Remember each time you spend £50 you get a point and when you have ten points you receive a £50 Gift Voucher!!!!

And the ideal time for him to visit us at Therapy would be the Late Night Shopping evening which is on Saturday 7th December. There will be Christmassy things going on all day but the main event with the Big Light Switch On and Live Windows starts around 5.30pm. While you have a glass of Fizz and a chat he can be buying items from your Wish List!!!!

Laura and I love Christmas, so if you're feeling frazzled and just not in the Christmas mood come and see us, we're full of Christmas cheer and fun!!! No " BAH HUMBUG" for us here at Therapy!!!

Happy Shopping    

Take care
Louise x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hello Ladies

It's definitely a big ' GOSH ' as I haven't written a blog for a month and it's only 8 SATURDAYS until CHRISTMAS!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

Where did that time go and we haven't even had a proper Autumn yet, no frosty mornings, the majority of the trees are still green, no heating on yet and no getting to wear all those lovely knits, coats, scarves, gloves, boots that we've been coveting in all the shops. And now our time will be preoccupied with writing Christmas present lists, who's coming for Christmas, should we have turkey or goose and the numerous other things that go with the Christmas prep........

So with all those things in mind we thought we would make things a little easier for you by setting up our Christmas gift shelves early, I set them up yesterday. And what a selection we have for you this year............

Beautiful mirrors....     

Gorgeous Jo Edwards scarves, makeup bags and jewellery rolls.....


Fabulous handmade jewellery from Wales.....

Scandichic Robins.....                                        

Suede and Leather bags from Owen Barry in Somerset....

I could go on and on but that would mean taking all the excitement out of what you will find when you come and visit us in Therapy, and that's what half the fun is when you come to see us, we're always getting new stock in so it's a surprise every time!!!!

And while you're Christmas shopping you can also shop for yourself. We really do have some wonderful collections in at the moment and once we get the colder weather they are going to fly out, so don't miss out on that jumper you've had your eye on!! Remember we only buy one of each size in most things!!!

Oh and a little reminder that Petworth has it's Late Night Shopping and Christmas Lights event on Saturday 7th December. There will be things going on in the town all day but the main event starts at about 5.30pm, when we have our famous ' Live Windows ' and all shops will have fizz and nibbles!!! Something not to be missed.

I shan't be starting my Christmas prep until I get back from my 'once in a lifetime holiday' to South Africa to visit a friend, it will only be my second holiday abroad!!!!! Just hoping everything hasn't sold out!!!!

See you when i get back

Take care 

Louise x

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hello Ladies

Well as I write this there is a hint of Autumn in the air, roll on the golden colours, misty mornings, dewy cobwebs, woodsmoke in the air, warming hot chocolate, cosy knits and fur lined boots......
As you might have worked out I love Autumn......

As it's the start of a new season and there are so many things to tempt us in the shops. Here at Therapy we have decided to give our lovely loyal customers something the form of the Therapy Loyalty Card.

We are launching the Therapy Loyalty Card tomorrow, Saturday 28th September. 

Here's how it's going to work. Every time you spend £50 in Therapy you will receive a point on your card and when you have collected 10 points on your card you will receive a £50 Therapy Loyalty Voucher. We will keep your cards in the shop so they don't get lost or left in another handbag!!!! The only thing we need you lovely ladies to do is to fill in your details on the card, and then only the once as we will do it for subsequent cards. 

Here in Therapy we have a little mascot called ' Thelma ' and she is a 'Theraputian', when you have your Therapy Loyalty Card you will become a ' Theraputian ' too!!

We do so appreciate all our lovely loyal customers and just wanted to say a big ' thank you ' to all of you for the past nine and half  years of support you have given us.

Therapy is full to bursting with scrummy knits, snuggly coats, colourful cords, divine dresses, fabulous furry boots, cosy scarves and a whole lot more. They are selling very quickly and some items are already sold out, so don't hang around too long before your next visit.

Take care,
Louise x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

WE'VE DONE IT............

BREAKING NEWS...........we've finally finished our new website!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

After much deliberation we decided to revamp our website. The reason being that our old one was lovely but very static, we were not able to do anything to the site ourselves. We couldn't put new pictures up when we had exciting new things in, or let you all know when we had any news ie our sales or promotions. Laura has been working very hard to get it all up together with myself and my husband helping (hindering) with pictures, wording and layout. There are still a few bits and bibs to tweak, but with the onset of Autumn we decided it was a good time to launch it (sounds a bit like a ship).
We have kept it very simple and user friendly. We have put loads of lovely pictures of our stock on it for you to drool over, don't forget that you can purchase over the phone and we can post the items to you. We recently sent three pairs of our famous La Badia pumps to Australia!!! The lady was so pleased with them.
Do have a look at it and let us know what you think!! There is a contact page, so it's nice and easy. Also there's a direct link to this blog from there as well!!
I'm not going to tell you what other goodies we've put on the site, it would spoil it for you!!
Just google Therapy Petworth and bobs your uncle there we are.

Autumn has arrived with gusto!!! Bit of a shock to go from temperatures of 30c to 17c in the space of a couple of days....Brrrrrrr!!!!

Well nows as good a time as any to come into Therapy or look at the website to see what scrummy Autumn collections we have for you. It's selling fast so don't be too slow off the mark or you'll miss out.

Our particular favourites at the moment are all the pale pink and grey from Oui and the burnt oranges and greens from Noa Noa and Avoca.

Our boots have arrived too. My favourites are the soft leather knee high lace boots from Noa Noa, drool, drool......

Again scarves are going big this Autumn/Winter, we've already had to do a re-order of some of our Fraas ones as we've sold out of them!!!! And they'd completely sold out of our most favourite one, so well done all you early birds who got those!!!

Have any if you succumbed to putting your heating on yet????? I haven't but I have put on an extra jumper in the evenings and I was thinking of getting my Avoca blanket out the other evening to pop over my legs!!! You do know that we sell lovely wool or mohair blankets in amazing colours from Avoca, don't you????

Hope this has given you all a little taster of what we are up to at the moment....
Don't forget to keep checking the website for up to date info.
I do this blog once a month as I find I've had enough time to think of a new story. I used to do it weekly but my brain said " no, too much".....

Do pop in and say "hello" to us next time your passing....

Take care

Friday, 16 August 2013

SALE, SALE, SALE.........

Yes it's here ladies........THERAPY 'END OF SEASON SALE'

And that's what it is this year, an 'end of season sale'. We decided this year not to be dictated to by the High Street and go on sale when they did. I mean they all seemed to go on sale at the end of June!!!! And that just seemed a little ridiculous to us as our Summers never really seem to start until the middle of July, and then when you're looking for summer clothes it's all Autumn stuff and what summer clothes there are are just one mass of chaos hanging on a sale rail, and who wants to trawl through that!! We have usually had our sale in mid July but took the decision this year to have a proper 'end of season sale', like they always used to be!!!!!

How did it come to be that Summer Sales were held before the summer started and Winter Sales were held before the coldest part of the year. Who decided it should be like that, what were they thinking!!! I really don't know. Who knows soon we'll be selling Summer clothes in December and Winter clothes in June!!!! Laura and I keep saying our buying seasons have got earlier and earlier, instead of being 6 months in advance we now seem to be buying a whole year in advance!!! And we've noticed that the delivery times are getting earlier and earlier, some of the labels we carry do want to deliver the start of Spring/Summer in December!!! We ask to have them delivered later. But I suppose if you can't put your delivery dates back then you are going to want your Sale earlier to free up room for your new stock!!! God what a nightmare.

Anyway what is nice about being an Independent shop is that we can have our Sale when we want. And we can react to what the weather's doing. All our stock is in one place and we know what stock we've got. We decided on 17th August as a good date, but if we had seen from the long range forecast that last week the weather was going to be dreadful from then until mid September we could have pulled the Sale forward by a week.

Well ladies just to let you know our doors open at 10.00am on SATURDAY 17th AUGUST for our END OF SEASON SALE!!!

Come and grab yourself a bargain

Take care


Friday, 19 July 2013


Well ladies at long last the hot sunny weather is here.........Yippee!!!!!

Or are you one of those people who loves to see the sun but hates the heat and humidity??? Yep,that's me, so you're not alone, or strange!!!!

So how do we go about keeping cool in these extreme temperatures??? Wearing the right clothing and fabric is the answer.

High temperatures combined with high humidity can make life really uncomfortable, especially if you're not used to it, like us in dear old blighty!!! We keep cool mainly by sweating; the evaporation of the liquid takes heat away from the body. Sweat evaporates less quickly when the humidity is high, and so has less of a cooling effect. For this reason, fabrics for hot humid weather should help maximise the flow of air through the clothing, allowing heat and moist air to escape. It also helps if the clothing is loose fitting.


Some fabrics tend to trap heat by providing an insulating layer over the skin. Others tend to reflect heat back to the body and inhibit the outward flow of warm, moist air, this is often true of synthetic fibres, such as Polyester. Another important factor is the ability of a material to absorb water. Synthetic fibres tend to be water-repellent; they allow sweat to build up, reducing evaporation and causing discomfort and irritation. Natural fibres are generally better at soaking up moisture from the skin and allowing it to evaporate from the outer surface.

As a general rule, the best fabrics for hot humid weather are the ones made from natural materials, such as Cotton, Linen and Viscose. Strictly speaking, Viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre, but it is made from natural raw materials and resembles natural fibres in its properties. These materials tend to "breathe" more than synthetics such as Polyester. Wool and Silk are not good choices, as they tend to retain heat, and Silk lose some of its strength through exposure to strong sunlight and perspiration.


Cotton is an excellent material for hot humid weather because it permits movement of air from the skin through the fabric, allowing heat to dissipate reducing humidity. It also absorbs moisture well, keeping the skin dry and increasing evaporation.


Linen like Cotton is cool and absorbant, and very comfortable to wear. It loses water quickly when it gets wet or damp, which is a useful feature in hot humid conditions. The material is relatively stain resistant and can be machine washed; however it tends to become very wrinkled and creased easily. It is also susceptible to mildew.


Viscose is made from natural cellulose(wood pulp) which is subjected to various chemical treatments to create a fibrous material suitable for clothing. Like Cotton and Linen, it is cool and comfortable to wear; it does not trap body heat, absorbs water easily, making it ideal for hot humid conditions.

Other things we ought to consider are the colour of our clothes. Generally, light coloured clothes are better for hot humid weather as they reflect light and heat. Clothing should also be loose and comfortable, for maximum air flow. And another we mustn't forget it to drink plenty of water. Try not to drink too many drinks with caffeine in as caffeine is very dehydrating. The weather is set for another week of high temperatures so enjoy, but don't forget your sun cream!!!!!

And why not pop along and see us for one of our gorgeous cotton tops to go with those linen trousers you are going to wear this week.


Take care Ladies


Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hello Ladies

Hope you are all keeping well and our typical English weather isn't getting you down too much!!!!!!

Last week Laura and I re-merchandised ( moved all the clothes about ), oh we have great fun we when we do that!!! Should we put white and blue together, orange and yellow or stone and green, the options are endless!!!

So it got me thinking, do we ever take any notice of what colour we are wearing and how it makes feel? Are there some days when you feel really down so you put on a bright colour to cheer yourself up or are you having a stressful time so you wear a calming soft colour??

So I thought I would do a little research........

Warm colours often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. But some can slightly irritate the eyes and increase appetite.

Cool colours are usually calming and soothing but can also express sadness.

RED is the warmest and most dynamic of the colours - it triggers opposing emotions. It is often associated with passion and love as well as anger and danger. Red is a very complicated colour, unlike say yellow, which is sunny whether its a pale or bright yellow. But red is a whole different story. If you lighten red it becomes sweet and innocent pink! And if you darken red it becomes sophisticated burgundy!! Red also stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing, not good if you're a woman of a certain age who gets hot flushes( like me!! ) Also red can make you look heavier, so try not to wear it all over! A fab pair of red jeans with an understated top speaks volumes!! Or try a red bag, red nails or red lipstick!!! As the saying goes " less is more!"

ORANGE enhances a feeling of vitality and happiness. Orange marries the sunniness of yellow with red's depth. It's a perfect substitute if you're not happy wearing red. Orange is more casual than red and is your best bet when you want to perk yourself up or channel creativity. Orange is considered edgy without being too ' in your face' and it's fun and different without being too different.

YELLOW is perhaps the most energetic of the warm colours. It is associated with laughter, hope and sunshine.Wearing the the bright fun colour helps you stand out and puts people at ease. It creates a very open atmosphere. But be careful that you don't go overboard on the whole yellow thing, you don't want to look like a banana walking down the road!!! Check out which shade of yellow suits your skin tone because if you get it wrong it's going to make you look decidedly ill. Yellow can sometimes be difficult for the eye to take in.

GREEN from grass to leaves to verdant vegetation, the colour green is closely linked to the environment, which can put you in a relaxed or refreshed mood. Green looks good on every skin type and has a wide range of shades that allow you to modify your mood from serious and sophisticated to fresh and bright. Think of the dark green of old stately home libraries, where you can sit down and relax and concentrate and read to a springlike yellow based green, which symbolises new birth or new growth, the beginning of something new.

BLUE the colour of the sky and the sea, blue is one of the most popular colours. It causes the opposite reaction to red. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, which lower blood pressure. Red picks you up and blue brings you down, but not down to depression level. So if you need to de-stress after a particularly stressful day, put on something blue!!! As blue conveys tranquility you also project when you wear it. Blue is also associated with trust, worthiness, strength and dependability. So it's a good colour to wear if you're going for an interview or meeting someone important.

BLACK is the colour of authority and power. It always popular to wear as it makes you look thinner!!! And it also goes without saying that it is stylish and timeless!!! But beware wearing black can also affect you in two distinctive ways. It can be a downer, think funerals or make you feel chic, think Audrey Hepburn in ' Breakfast at Tiffany's!' Black is defiantly the colour to go for if you want to look chic and elegant, it plays everything down so you stand out and shine.

WHITE is the colour of Summer. It is always popular to wear as it's light, neutral and goes with everything. Need I say more.....

At Therapy we love colours, as you all know!!! We have a feast for your eyes at the moment with all the lovely summer colours. Come and have a play with trying on different colours and see how they make you feel.....

Take care

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Hello Ladies

Hope you are all keeping well and not feeling too down in the mouth about our lovely English weather!!!! Well we wouldn't be English if we didn't moan about the weather!!!!!

Did you know that Therapy is just about to celebrate its 9th Birthday!!!!


But oh my goodness where did that time go!!!

Laura came upon Petworth by chance, she got lost, stopped and had a look round and fell in love with the place. She went back home to London and told Chris all about Petworth and said that they just had to move here and open a shop!! They found our lovely little shop, though it wasn't a lovely little shop at the time, it was a butchers!!!! And after months of sweat and tears Therapy emerged from the rubble!! It was Laura's vision that Therapy should be everything that the High Street wasn't. And I think she has achieved this through hard work and determination!!

We like to think that Therapy is a place that ladies feel relaxed enough just to come in for a mooch and a chat if they want to. We are not about the hard sell, we do not tell you you look great in something if it you do not, we have time to spend as long as you want us to spend with you, we are here for you. We always remember a face, if not always your name, and if you've been away on holiday, or had a special party or even if you've just got a new dog!! We love dogs coming into the shop, we even have treats out the back for them!!! I've even had ladies tell me their woes and troubles, and I feel so honoured that they feel comfortable enough with me to do that, and they have told me they feel so much better when they are ready to leave Therapy. There's always a hug available if you need it!! No seriously, I've given hugs to many a customer!!!

So when you visit Therapy it's not just for Retail Therapy!!!!

Times are challenging for everyone at the moment and we are doing our best to find you lovely ladies good quality, different, scrummy, fab clothes and shoes at a good price!! Laura and I do the buying together, glamourous you think!!! No it's hard work. We take photos of everything we have chosen and then sit down together and group things together ie trousers, knits, tops etc. We then look at the colours from each collection and see what will work with what. Then the really hard work starts, what sizes to chose!!! You can guarantee that if we go larger everyone wants it smaller and vice versa!!!! And then we have to take account of the weather, Winter is by far the easier to buy for but Summer, what a nightmare!!!!! Oh and yes the big thing is we have to order in advance!!! So in Feb/Mar we are looking and ordering for the coming Winter! And then in Aug/Sept we are looking and ordering for the following Summer. It's not the easiest job in the world, but it is fun!!!!

So ladies I hope that gives you a little insight into what Therapy is all about!

At the moment we do have some gorgeous collections in, even if we don't have the weather!!! As we're always saying "layers"!!!

We also have a reduction on end of line La Badia pumps!!! Now there's an offer to tempt you!!! Usually £99 now £79, come and grab them while you can as only limited sizes!!

Take care


Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello again Ladies

Just a little footnote to my blog, the silly computer published it before I had finsished !!!!!!!

             These short wavelength rays are absorbed by the earth's ozone layer, so we don't need any
             protection from them.

Hope this doesn't put you off enjoying the summer , when it finally arrives. And don't forget all the fab clothes and shoes we've got in store now. Just right for all the lovely warm spring/summer days and evenings. If you haven't been in for a while pop in for a look, things are selling fast !!

And I must thank InStyle magazine for the info about SPF, UVA etc.

Go Well


Hello Ladies

I hope you have all been enjoying these past few days of sunshine and warmth ,  a hint of things to come , fingers crossed. So what is the first thing most of us are going to do when it gets really warm??  Yes , try and get a tan !!!!

So here are some facts that might make you think twice about what you do with your body in the sun...

1. MYTH: Having a tan is fine, as long as I don't overdo the sunbathing and burn.
    FACT: After skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces more melanin in order to help absorb further
                 UV radiation, and skin becomes darker as a result. So a tan is actually a sign that the skin
                 has been damaged and is trying to protect itself.
                 The safest way to get a summer glow is to fake it!!!!

2. MYTH: Wearing a low SPF on my body and a high SPF on my face is ok.
    FACT:   Skin is skin, and you should take care of the skin on your body just as much as your face.
                   You should be using a minimum of SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen on your body and
                   to guard against burning and reduce the risk of premature ageing. If you have fair skin
                   use an SPF 50.

3. MYTH: Wearing an SPF 15 will keep me protected from the sun 15 times longer than using
                   nothing on my skin.
    FACT:   Technically , this is true. However , as there are so many variables - from the differing
                   strength of the sun , to the amount of sunscreen you apply and the various skin types of
                   different users , it is better to get into the habit of reapplying every 90 minutes to two
                   to guarantee you stay safe in the sun throughout the day.

4. MYTH: The SPF in my make-up will be protection enough for my face.
    FACT:   It won't. Research has shown that we only apply about a sixth of the foundation we would
                  need to give us the level of protection promised by its sun-protection rating. After all, we
                  apply foundation and powder for aesthetic reasons , not to provide protection! So , unless
                  you're happy to apply 6 teaspoons of foundation and reapply it during the day, the only
                  to stay protected is to wear a layer of sunscreen under your make-up.

5. MYTH: The sun damages your hair just as much as it does your skin.
    FACT:   Sun dries hair out , making it brittle , but ultimately we replace our hair with new growth ,
                  so it doesn't have quite the same damaging effects as it does on our skin. To limit the sun's
                  drying effect on the hair , apply a mask through the ends and pull into a bun before hitting
                  the beach.

So what does all this UV, UVA and UVB etc mean ??????

           This invisible radiation produced by the sun is made up of three wavelengths: UVA, UVB and

             UVA rays have a longer wavelength and penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays. They
             are responsible for premature ageing of the skin.

             These medium wavelength rays are responsible for sunburn. They damage DNA and are
              considered to be the main cause of melanoma.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

FED UP.......

Hello Ladies

Is Spring finally here? I hope so! We're all just so fed up now with the grey and the cold.


We want to wear something different, something new, something colourful!!!!

Well a good place to start is with a fab new pair of jeans. The ' big thing' for Spring/Summer is going to be the higher waisted jean!! And as all you lovely ladies know we have been selling these for years!! We've always known that they fit better, look better and feel better than the low waisters!!! FINALLY THE HIGH STREET HAS CAUGHT ONTO THIS IDEA!!!!

There are two more key items to this years Spring/Summer look, no not the 'cut out dress' or the 'short suit' !!

The first one is the statement top! This is the top that you know when you put it on you look a million dollars. It hangs beautifully, feels sensational and makes you feel good. You might have to pay a bit more for it, but one fab top is worth ten mediocre ones any day!! Go for one that you know will smarten up a pair of jeans and works for day and evening. And yes ladies here at Therapy we're right on the button with our fantastic tops from Oui, Noa Noa, Part Two and Jackpot !!

The second item is the humble scarf !! But no not the humble scarf, it can change a whole outfit and make a dreary top and trousers look sensational ! It can pull everything together. And we have a fabulous range here at Therapy from Jo Edwards, who is know for her intricate embroidery and wonderful colours, Fraas, Part Two and Jackpot.

So pop in and see us and have a chat about putting a outfit together and get a lesson on how to tie your scarf in several different ways!!!

We're always happy to help in any way we can.

Go well

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Hello again lovely ladies, hope you are all well and bearing up under these grey clouds we seem to be   having all the time.......too depressing!!!! And also to think this time last year we were having very warm sunny weather, I can remember sitting in my garden and it being bliss!!! Ho Hum!!! Well it will arrive eventually, fingers crossed!!!!

On that note I asked our resident ' Pam Ayres ' to write us a few lines to hurry Spring on its way to us.......


Hello Spring! How great it is
To see you once again,
The little birds in such a tis
are making nests, yet are quite tame,

Trilling out their lovely songs
and preening their feather tresses,
Coloured flowers in their throngs,
Trees wearing their fairy dresses.

So join with us, and come along
To Therapy, where you will see
all the colours of nature for you to don,
a match for any feather, blossom or leaf.

Hopefully that makes you feel a little more springlike!!!!

And as the poem says we do have some wonderful colours in for this season that would cheer up any grey day!!! And oh how much better we feel when we wear colour, it lifts the mood. So lets get out of our black, grey and brown and wear those greens, oranges, pinks, yellows,blues and reds!!! Cheer everyone up, cheer yourself up!!! It might still be a tad cold outside but in Therapy it is lovely and warm for you to try on all our scrummy clothes, be brave and take the plunge!!! And as the saying goes " the early bird gets the worm" so to avoid disappointment of us not having your size left pop
along to us nice and early!!!!!

And on that note with the sun trying bravely to chase the grey clouds away, I shall take my leave....

Go well

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Yes our famous LA BADIA suede pumps from Florence are here. We have four new stunning colours for the Spring/Summer season.

A mouthwatering Green, a sunny Orange, a cool Pale Blue/Jade and a very good neutral Tan.

We also have our full range of our new Noa Noa shoes in. The Gold dancing shoes would be particularly good for all those Summer weddings, parties, and get togethers. And the Ruffle wedge is so cute and pretty, the pale mushroom colour looks so good with everything, I can assure you that you won't want to wear any other shoes!!! We also have the stunning Silver baseball boot, they are heavenly. The process they put them through means that the more you wear them the more vintage they will look, scrummy.

It's time to dig those summer shoes out from the back of the wardrobe and under the bed and have a good old look at them. Are they looking their best??? Are they looking a little tired??? Should they be relegated to only be worn when gardening???? Did they make your feet hurt??? Or are you just fed up with them!!!!

So why don't you pop in and feast your eyes on our wonderful array of shoes!!!

I mustn't forget to mention the Toni Pons shoes that you all loved last year!! We have them again this year in more styles and colours!! Yippee!!!!

Sorry that my blog is not that long today but I have a stinking cold and my brain doesn't want to work!!! You would think that now it's March and Spring is here that colds etc would all just go away, but no, and god knows where I got mine from!!! I normally have a very strong constitution and never have colds!!!! So come on sun and warm weather do your thing!!!

Oh yes and don't forget that it's MOTHERS DAY on Sunday!!! We've got a wide range of scarves, jewellery, bags, candles and soaps that would make ideal Mothers Day presents!!!!

Friday, 22 February 2013


Well ladies as I sit here it's trying to snow and ( excuse my language ) it's bloody cold !!!!!!

But we're nearly there.....this time next week it will be March !!!!! Yippee !!!!!!!

And then we'll get those lovely soft Spring days with blue skies and soft billowy clouds. The Daffodils will be out in full force with their burst of sunshine yellow brightening and lifting our hearts!!!! Oh the promise of things to come.....bliss !!!!!!!

On my last blog I wrote about the roadworks and the chaos it was causing !!! But we were all pleased when last week the contractors came round to all the shops to let us know that they were finished two weeks ahead of schedule and the roads were going to be back to normal for the weekend....hurrah !!!!! How often do you hear of works being finished early ????? Hardly ever !!!!

I hope all you lovely ladies with little ones have had a good Half Term week, at least the weather has been dry, if a little cold, so you could get out and about rather than have them running riot indoors !!!!! I remember those days well.

Tomorrow we have the fab Farmers Market in town, a good opportunity to get lovely local cheese, flour, plants, fish, pies, wooden goods and so much more !!! And if you get cold you can come and warm up in our shop while browsing at all the scrummy new things we've had in........

We've just had our famous Toni Pons shoes delivered !!! And we've added some new styles this year, which are divine!! Our La Badia pumps are due in next week !!!!! Also just delivered and ready for the weekend a wonderful new scarf range for us by Jo Edwards. She is renowned for her exquisite embroidery and use of colour, you just have to come and have a look !!!! And ladies as I said in my last blog you can wear all those lovely Spring clothes you see in the shops, you just have to layer them!!! We're here to help if you're not too sure about how to achieve the look!!!

Laura and I are going to be starting on a big adventure by re-launching our website!!!! Keep an eye open for it as its going to be great !!! Lots of hard work on our part, but fun at the same time!!!

Take care and keep warm


Wednesday, 6 February 2013


And a very apt title to this blog ladies, as there's much to panic about in February!!!!!

Laura and I are doing our best not to panic but we need a little help from you, our lovely customers!!!!!!

Let me tell you why we're trying not to panic and run round like headless chickens ( wish I could insert a pic of one of our Jellycat Matilda hens here!!)

Well for a start it's February and everyone hates February!!! We've managed to get through January and we think yes Spring is finally on it's way!!!! All the lovely Spring clothes are in the shops with their fab colours, gorgeous materials and their sense of fun!!! The Snowdrops are out, the daffodils are poking their heads through and the catkins can be seen on the trees. You're fed up wearing your Winter clothes and can't wait to indulge your cravings for some Spring outfits!! But February has other ideas, believe me it has! Take today for instance, the wind is howling down from the North and it's bitter and there is snow further up the country!!!!!!! But on the brighter side at least the sun is shining, which always cheers everyone up and February is a short month!!! But best of all, you can wear Spring clothes now!! How I hear you ask??? Well I let you into the secret shall I!!! LAYERING!!! And here in Therapy we are experts at it. So come along and let us show you how it can be done!!!

And that brings me on nicely to the other thing that Laura and I are having a major panic about ROADWORKS!!!!!

Now I know a lot of you will have heard word of mouth, from friends, read in the papers and seen the signs for these roadworks in Petworth!!! But it's really not that bad, really it's not!! I don't live in the town and drive in each day and it has not affected me at all. If you're coming to Petworth from Northchapel/Chiddingfold you have nothing to worry about, the roadworks will not affect you at all. If you're coming from Fittleworth/Pulborough it won't affect you until you leave the town and instead of turning left and then left again out of the car park you just have to do a left and a right and follow the one way system and head back out on the road that takes you past ' The Welldiggers' pub!!! Now if you're coming from the Midhurst/Chichester way you do have to take a little detour, but it's not too far!!! And I will say one thing, if you know Grove Lane as a shortcut, don't use it, there are too many cars parked on the sides of the road and it's two way traffic, it takes longer than if you used the road past 'The Welldiggers', which is where the detour takes you!!!! Just don't turn right at the pub! I know the sign says to and the other one says 'Road Closed', but to get into the town centre and the car park, you just go straight on!!! And they've said that the roadworks are going on until February 25th!!!


Make a day of visiting the town! We have some fabulous eateries now, two delicatessens (which are the talk of Sussex at the moment), four ladies boutiques, a fab menswear shop, a lingerie shop to die for, a book lovers idea of heaven in the bookshop, two butchers, a haberdashery shop, two florists ( one being the renowned 'Spriggs') and of course all the antiques shops which Petworth is known for!!!

So please persevere with us and come and see us for a touch of Spring and a cheery smile.

Take care


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hello Ladies

Hope you are all surviving this cold snowy weather!!!

Well the SALE has gone really well and we have now done the final markdowns, so come and grab those last few bargains!!!!

New stock is arriving thick and fast! Gorgeous colours and prints! Oh and the Cashmere is to die for, though as we only have one in each size of the eight designs we have, they are not hanging about!!!! Our brand new collection for this season from Noa Noa has started to arrive, so if you are not familiar with this make come and have a look at how scrummy it is!!!! And if you do know the brand then get it before we sell out!!!!

With the snow still hanging around our resident 'Pam Ayres', has written us a little poem....


The snow for now has gone away,
With reports of more to come.
And so our fears we must alay,
Until we know we have some.

Ice and slush we can do without,
For danger is too close.
No broken bones I hear you shout,
Nor colds and flu to dose.

So let us hope the sun will shine,
And chase away the snows.
Although it's lovely at the time,
We are all delighted when it goes!

She will kill me for putting this on the blog!!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

So it's nearly the end of January and we would be delighted to see you all, we're still here come rain or shine or snow!!!

Take care


Thursday, 3 January 2013


Hello Ladies

First of all let me wish you all a very Happy New Year.

And secondly let me apologise for not having written a blog for so long. What with December being so busy, right from the first weekend with our town late night opening event, which was a great success. I really just do not know where the time went!!!! I know excuses excuses!!!!!!!

So as you can see from the photo we have started our famous SALE!!!!!! You haven't left it too late as we only started the sale on Saturday 29th December, so today is only the fourth day of the sale!!!! Hurry on down!!! We have just done some further markdowns today!!!!!!

If the sale is not your cup of tea then fear not!!


We have had all our lovely cashmere in, and it is selling very quickly, as always!!! The colours are out of this world! V-neck jumpers in four different colours :- Apple Green, Turquoise, Yellow and Grey. V- neck cardigans in two stunning colours :- Fuschia Pink and Apple Green. And some fabulous long-line tunics in an ombre Pink and ombre Blue, both with an over pattern of Paisley, they really are stunning!!!

Our famous Jackpot stock is out on the shopfloor in our basement area with some scrummy knits and t-shirts. Also we have some skirts and trousers in a lovely blue with a black spot, such fun!!!!

We get new stock delivered nearly everyday at this time of year, so keep popping in and see what goodies we have!!! You don't want to miss out. As you know once it's gone it's gone!!!!!

Hopefully ladies will see an improvement in my blogging this year ( one of my new year resolutions ) as I am investing in a proper computer which I will be able to put photos onto the blog with and change font, colours, layout etc!!! Oh God who knows what I'll get up to, there'll be no stopping me........