Because every woman needs a little Therapy...

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Let's Hear It For The Girls!

Hello Ladies, I'm apologising again for my tardy posting. But sadly the last month has been taken up with saying goodbye to two of the dearest ladies in my life: my darling Grandma aged 103 and my dear friend of forty years, Cath aged 47.

Despite the gap in their ages, both women were strong, charismatic, brimming with energy 
and central to the lives of their family and friends. Which got me thinking about the many such women that I have had the honour of knowing - including all of you!

I think it's time for us to pause, halt the endless focussing on others, and give ourselves a pat on the back for everything that we have achieved. 

I am constantly amazed by the endless juggling that we women manage: We continue to nurture our children - no matter what age; we support our partners; create a warm and peaceful home; hold down jobs; care for elderly relatives and grandchildren; remember birthdays; shop for groceries and everyone's Christmas presents; and still find time and energy to catch up with our girlfriends.

Actually, I think it's the time we spend with our close friends that gives us the strength to take on the responsibilities and commitments that we do. How often has a soothing cuppa and a listening ear made it easier to carry on through a difficult day? How life affirming is a night out - or a night in - with girlfriends - a wine or three, much raucous laughter, some cheesy tunes and a bit of singing into a spatula? Just what we all need sometimes! I was lucky enough to have two of my closest friends round last night. We shared pizza and wine and put the world to rights - perfect.

During my friend Cath's long illness I took pleasure in sending her care parcels - little gifts that might give her pleasure and comfort, make her laugh. Of course I'm lucky, I had a shop full of lovely things to choose from. But, that aside, it felt good to treat her. I couldn't help with the kids (Cath lived in France) or make her a casserole, but I could spoil her, because I loved her.

Which, rather clumsily, leads me round to Therapy's bounty of autumn goodies! I know that we haven't really thought about warm clothes yet. But winter will come, sure as eggs, and we've got a shop full of gorgeous knits, jeans, boots & coats, and a plethora of covetable accessories. So why don't you all treat yourselves and your beloved friends to some retail therapy before the responsibilities and commitments of day to day life consume us again and we forget to pause and congratulate ourselves on just how amazing we women are.

Much love, Laura x