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Monday, 30 July 2012


Yes a marathon. Why? For a start it took me an age to even get onto the computer to write this blog today as the iPad would not co-operate with me, it didn't want me to write anything, worked out that a button had been pressed that shouldn't have been!!!

Well as you will have worked out my topic this week has been inspired by The Olympics!

Life can be a marathon sometimes and at other times feel like you are running the 100 metres. Sometimes life is such a drag and nothing seems to be going right and everyone wants a piece of you and at others there is so much to do with so little time! But whatever life throws at you it always seems to work out in the end, you just have to have faith in yourself and your abilities!

We heard so much from all those "Doubting Thomas's" about how The Olympic Park wouldn't be ready for the Olympics and how we would fail to live up to The Bejing Olympics of 2008, but we were ready and Danny Boyle showed the world how to put on a show. It made me so proud to be British and made me go quite goose bumperly! How did it make you feel? I just hope that all the athletes keep their heads and have good support around them to fend off the media hype about them winning " gold", let them be, let them enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

If you sat down at 7pm on Friday evening to watch The Opening Ceremony, then you did a marathon, I watched every second and only turned it off when, I'm sorry if I upset anyone when I say this, Paul McCartney took to the stage! Great idea of Danny Boyle's of a way to clear the arena quickly!! Sorry, but he really is past it!!

In the shop at the moment it really does feel like we are doing the 100 metres, as the sale is in full swing and we've had loads of lovely customers in, OMG Julie Walters has just walked in, that we don't seem to stop from the moment we walk in in the morning until we close the door to go home! If you're still on the hunt for a bargain then we've got some fab ones, pop in and have a look, they're not going to be around for long! Run that 100 metres down to us!

Take care.

Monday, 23 July 2012

TOPSY TURVY.........

It's a topsy turvy old world isn't it?

Last Monday was as cold and wet as a November day and today it's Summer again! But for how long? Who knows! Personally I would like to think that this is the beginning of our Summer! If I think back over the years, August and September are beautiful months with lovely warm sunny days, and well yes I know the evenings are starting to draw in and are slightly cooler, but does it matter? Not really.

We at Therapy have only just started our Sale, but the shops on the High Street have been in Sale since the end of June! So now, when the weather has turned and we all want to go and buy something new and summery, they are full of Autumn clothes or sale summer clothes that are looking very tired! Fear not we still have fab Summer clothes, linen dresses, trousers, tops, cool summer dresses and gorgeous summer shoes! Come along and visit us for a little retail therapy, you know it will do you good!!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


First off I must start with an apology for this weeks blog being late!

As you know I normally write the blog on a Monday but not this week as we had the exciting event of the Olympic Torch Relay coming to Petworth on that day. We decided to open the shop an hour early, at 9.00am, so we could close from 10.00am until 11.00am so we could get a good spot to watch the Torch! Good job we did, as when I arrived at the car park it was already filling up and loads of people were starting to grab the best spots! Oh no what to do? Well my husband was coming in to watch, he thought he would arrive about 10.00am, but I ohoned him to let him know that it would have to be earlier as there would be no parking spaces left or good spots to view from. So he duly arrived at about 9.15am having parked down by the doctors and walked in, also a good exit point for getting back to work, and said he would hold a couple of spaces for Ann and myself. As we got in at 8.30am we had plenty of time to get the shop hoovered and dusted ready for a busy day! We also had orange juice, bucks fizz and shortbread biscuits on the go for any early customers, who much appreciated it as the weather was foul!! Typical English weather! We could feel the excitement building as the minutes ticked by, all the babble of the schoolchildren on their way to Petworth Park to greet the Torch, families with brollies heading for the Square, New Street and East Street! Well at about 9.50am we decided as no-one was now coming into the shop we would close and grab our spot! With Macs on and brollies up we found my husband, looking suitably soggy, and started to wait. Well it poured down, but spirits were high and the excitement was growing even more. A few odd policemen on bikes came through the square and got a big cheer! We had a security man near us and we could hear what was happening over his walkie-talkie, which was good. We then got to hear a lot of cheering and music as the Torch made it's way into Petworth Park, it was nearly here, and the rain had sort of stopped! Finally the sponsors vehicles came through the Square, then loads of policemen on motorbikes and pushbikes! And then the Torch, carried by a lovely young girl, who looked like she was having a ball, what an experience for her! And then it was all over, and we made a mad dash back to open the shop back up for all those soggy people who were going to come in! And come in they did for orange juice, bucks fizz and...... THE SALE!!!

Yes THE SALE started on Saturday 15th July.....

Did you get the e-mail about it? If not, then you're not on our e-mail list and you need to be, you are missing out. If you would like to be on it either pop into the shop and jot it down on our list, and have a good rummage in all the lovely sale things at the same time, or leave it as a comment on the blog or leave it on our website.

Do pop along to our sale as we do have lots of bargains! We've even got some La Badia shoes in the sale and they never go in the sale!

See you soon

Take care

Monday, 9 July 2012

THE BEACH.......

Before I start the blog proper I just want to say a big "Thank You" to all our lovely customers who supported Independence Week, we had a great week and hope you all managed to get those yearned for things with 10% off!

The other week when Laura and I went up to the big smoke on the train to do a buying appointment we bought a magazine to read on the way back and this article caught our eye! So true! So enjoy......

Blasé on the beach...

I have just returned from holiday with two middle-aged female friends. It was gloriously relaxing, but perhaps the most relaxing aspect was that none of us cared a whit about how we looked. There were no frantic pre-holiday 'get bikini-ready' diets, no exhausting comparisons of 'Oh my god, her thighs are thinner than mine' and no planning for the perfect holiday wardrobe. As far as I was concerned, the only essential part of the perfect holiday wardrobe turned out to be a large box of PG Tips, because builder's tea is a luxury I simply cannot live without.
So there we were, slouching around in all our lumpy, bumpy glory. No make-up, no hair straighteners, no dressing for dinner - unless you call knotting a sarong getting dressed. It was so liberating that, for the first time in years, I climbed into a bikini, blissfully unselfconscious about my body, which, with the advent of children and the passing of time, is no longer as bikini-ready as it used to be. In fact, there was a time when the very idea of a bikini used to send it, and me, into a state of shock.
I guess we all know that the fastest track to unhappiness is comparing ourselves to others but when there are no comparisons (or rather, judgements) to be made, all our feelings of not being good enough fly out of the window or, in this case, out into the wide blue Caribbean yonder. Those friends could not have cared less that my tummy now resembles a tea bag after the rigours of pregnancy or that the skin on my thighs and arms is heading south, in a gentle slide that even the politest observer might describe as looking like crepe paper.
Despite the tea bags (a holiday preoccupation, obviously), nobody else on the beach gave a damn what I looked like, either, probably because, just as I had once been, they were more concerned about the way they looked rather than the sight of a middle-aged woman idling along the sea shore. But it did make me wonder why I had spent all those years fretting about the way I appeared in a swimsuit rather than enjoying the freedom of sand between my toes.
I fretted at 46, I fretted at 36 and I even fretted at 26, but now, when I look back at old photographs, I see an acceptable body - not perfect, but perfectly acceptable - and although I am a firm believer that regret is a pointless waste of time and energy, I can't help but mourn the fact that I did not enjoy what I had when I had it.
Now I am 56 and I really don't want to look back in 10 years' time and ask myself what the hell I was doing sunk in self-consciousness rather than wallowing in an azure blue sea.
My body, although ageing, is still strong and serves its purpose well. The element in which I feel happiest is water; after a childhood living overseas, I can swim like a fish ( my mother says I could swim before I could walk) so every day, I swam and swam. My body was happy and I was happy and if there is any greater bliss than the harmony of body and mind, I really don't know what it might be.
And although, apart from swimming and reading, I spent most of the holiday comatose under a palm tree, it was a proper wake-up call to enjoy what I have rather than mourning what I don't.
So, hello to imperfection and let those of us lucky enough to enjoy strong, healthy bodies celebrate them - lumps, bumps and all.

Thank you to Sally Brampton for her words of wisdom. Sally is a journalist, novelist and agony aunt. She has a column in the Psychologies magazine which this article came from.

So ladies I think we should all learn from this and celebrate our wonderful bodies!

Take care and don't forget next Monday we shall be opening at 9am as the Olympic Torch is in Petworth on that morning! Excited......

Monday, 2 July 2012

10% OFF EVERYTHING...........

Now you are asking yourself why we are giving 10% off everything!

Well it's something called "Independents Day". Have you heard about it? No! Well let me explain......

Independents Day is a national campaign aimed at celebrating the UK's independent retailers. Independents Day encourages the public to buy at least one thing from their local, independent shop on this day.

The campaign highlights the important role smaller, local, independent retailers play in the communities they serve, the local economy they contribute to, and in the retail sector as a whole.

Independents Day flies the flag for local retailers: the ones who help make our villages, towns and cities so special. It's about championing diversity on the high street and recognising the skills behind the shopfront.

This is the second year of the "Independents Day" campaign and once again the independent retailers in Petworth have entered into the spirit of it by celebrating it for a week. You will see all our independent stores decked out in Red, White and Blue in some form or another, so keep your eyes open! We at Therapy are giving our wonderful loyal customers 10% off everything for the week!! Yes you read that correctly 10% off everything for a week.

So if you've been thinking about treating yourself to a pair of La Badia pumps, that never go in the sale, come this week and get 10% off them! Or that pair of NYDJ or FDJ jeans you've been saving up for, the best jeans ever, visit us this week and get 10% off them. Or that Avoca blanket that's so scrummy, and would look good on your sofa, yes thats got 10% off too! Everything, all of it has 10% off!

Don't miss out. Make us your destination of the week. Help us celebrate Petworths' Independent Week.