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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Hello again lovely ladies, hope you are all well and bearing up under these grey clouds we seem to be   having all the time.......too depressing!!!! And also to think this time last year we were having very warm sunny weather, I can remember sitting in my garden and it being bliss!!! Ho Hum!!! Well it will arrive eventually, fingers crossed!!!!

On that note I asked our resident ' Pam Ayres ' to write us a few lines to hurry Spring on its way to us.......


Hello Spring! How great it is
To see you once again,
The little birds in such a tis
are making nests, yet are quite tame,

Trilling out their lovely songs
and preening their feather tresses,
Coloured flowers in their throngs,
Trees wearing their fairy dresses.

So join with us, and come along
To Therapy, where you will see
all the colours of nature for you to don,
a match for any feather, blossom or leaf.

Hopefully that makes you feel a little more springlike!!!!

And as the poem says we do have some wonderful colours in for this season that would cheer up any grey day!!! And oh how much better we feel when we wear colour, it lifts the mood. So lets get out of our black, grey and brown and wear those greens, oranges, pinks, yellows,blues and reds!!! Cheer everyone up, cheer yourself up!!! It might still be a tad cold outside but in Therapy it is lovely and warm for you to try on all our scrummy clothes, be brave and take the plunge!!! And as the saying goes " the early bird gets the worm" so to avoid disappointment of us not having your size left pop
along to us nice and early!!!!!

And on that note with the sun trying bravely to chase the grey clouds away, I shall take my leave....

Go well

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