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Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello Ladies

I hope you have all been enjoying these past few days of sunshine and warmth ,  a hint of things to come , fingers crossed. So what is the first thing most of us are going to do when it gets really warm??  Yes , try and get a tan !!!!

So here are some facts that might make you think twice about what you do with your body in the sun...

1. MYTH: Having a tan is fine, as long as I don't overdo the sunbathing and burn.
    FACT: After skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces more melanin in order to help absorb further
                 UV radiation, and skin becomes darker as a result. So a tan is actually a sign that the skin
                 has been damaged and is trying to protect itself.
                 The safest way to get a summer glow is to fake it!!!!

2. MYTH: Wearing a low SPF on my body and a high SPF on my face is ok.
    FACT:   Skin is skin, and you should take care of the skin on your body just as much as your face.
                   You should be using a minimum of SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen on your body and
                   to guard against burning and reduce the risk of premature ageing. If you have fair skin
                   use an SPF 50.

3. MYTH: Wearing an SPF 15 will keep me protected from the sun 15 times longer than using
                   nothing on my skin.
    FACT:   Technically , this is true. However , as there are so many variables - from the differing
                   strength of the sun , to the amount of sunscreen you apply and the various skin types of
                   different users , it is better to get into the habit of reapplying every 90 minutes to two
                   to guarantee you stay safe in the sun throughout the day.

4. MYTH: The SPF in my make-up will be protection enough for my face.
    FACT:   It won't. Research has shown that we only apply about a sixth of the foundation we would
                  need to give us the level of protection promised by its sun-protection rating. After all, we
                  apply foundation and powder for aesthetic reasons , not to provide protection! So , unless
                  you're happy to apply 6 teaspoons of foundation and reapply it during the day, the only
                  to stay protected is to wear a layer of sunscreen under your make-up.

5. MYTH: The sun damages your hair just as much as it does your skin.
    FACT:   Sun dries hair out , making it brittle , but ultimately we replace our hair with new growth ,
                  so it doesn't have quite the same damaging effects as it does on our skin. To limit the sun's
                  drying effect on the hair , apply a mask through the ends and pull into a bun before hitting
                  the beach.

So what does all this UV, UVA and UVB etc mean ??????

           This invisible radiation produced by the sun is made up of three wavelengths: UVA, UVB and

             UVA rays have a longer wavelength and penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays. They
             are responsible for premature ageing of the skin.

             These medium wavelength rays are responsible for sunburn. They damage DNA and are
              considered to be the main cause of melanoma.

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