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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Festive Greetings From All At Therapy!

Hello Ladies, are you feeling festive yet?! 

I must admit that up until yesterday I was feeling more "bah humbug" than "deck the halls". As I discussed in my last blog, our duties and responsibilities can overtake the joys in life and leave us panicking instead of enjoying the moment. But after a fun Saturday in our wee shop I am now ready for Christmas.

Okay so we don't have any snow (a good thing really) but Therapy & Petworth are looking cheery and twinkly and the prospect of this Saturday 6th December's Christmas extravaganza have got me well and truly in the mood...

Oops - as you can see, I started writing this blog a couple of weeks ago and my lack of technical knowhow plus some computer glitches have delayed me once more. (Note to self: First New Year's resolution is to get up to speed with my computer skills!)

It's now Thursday 18th December and lovely Ann, our fab and loyal part - timer, is off to St Richards for an operation. Not much of a way to celebrate Christmas, but a reality for many. Ill health is no respecter of traditions and this time of year is difficult for a lot of us. But the thought that the New Year will bring a positive, healthier, happier state is worth holding on to. I'm sure, like all of us at Therapy, you will wish Ann a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming her back in 2015.

December is always a time for reflection, for taking stock of the year that has been and expressing gratitude for all that we have. Any good fortune that we have been blessed with is all the more precious because of the tough times that we have survived. Christmas can be stressful but it is also a delightful way to join together and show our appreciation of our family and friends - to say thank you to everyone who has supported us and shared their time and love with us.

The last few trading days before the Christmas break are my favourite: not because they're the busiest but because they are the happiest. By the time our customers come to us, all the boring tasks are complete and they're feeling relaxed and in the mood to celebrate. 

This year I have persuaded Chris that Therapy will be closed on Saturday 27th. This means that I will have four days off. Hooray! This is the best Christmas present that I could hope for. I wish you will all a little time to yourselves over the festive period.

I'd better get this posted before Christmas is over! Have a wonderful time and thank you to all of you for your continuing support. Here's to a happy and healthy 2015.

Love, Laura xx

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Let's Hear It For The Girls!

Hello Ladies, I'm apologising again for my tardy posting. But sadly the last month has been taken up with saying goodbye to two of the dearest ladies in my life: my darling Grandma aged 103 and my dear friend of forty years, Cath aged 47.

Despite the gap in their ages, both women were strong, charismatic, brimming with energy 
and central to the lives of their family and friends. Which got me thinking about the many such women that I have had the honour of knowing - including all of you!

I think it's time for us to pause, halt the endless focussing on others, and give ourselves a pat on the back for everything that we have achieved. 

I am constantly amazed by the endless juggling that we women manage: We continue to nurture our children - no matter what age; we support our partners; create a warm and peaceful home; hold down jobs; care for elderly relatives and grandchildren; remember birthdays; shop for groceries and everyone's Christmas presents; and still find time and energy to catch up with our girlfriends.

Actually, I think it's the time we spend with our close friends that gives us the strength to take on the responsibilities and commitments that we do. How often has a soothing cuppa and a listening ear made it easier to carry on through a difficult day? How life affirming is a night out - or a night in - with girlfriends - a wine or three, much raucous laughter, some cheesy tunes and a bit of singing into a spatula? Just what we all need sometimes! I was lucky enough to have two of my closest friends round last night. We shared pizza and wine and put the world to rights - perfect.

During my friend Cath's long illness I took pleasure in sending her care parcels - little gifts that might give her pleasure and comfort, make her laugh. Of course I'm lucky, I had a shop full of lovely things to choose from. But, that aside, it felt good to treat her. I couldn't help with the kids (Cath lived in France) or make her a casserole, but I could spoil her, because I loved her.

Which, rather clumsily, leads me round to Therapy's bounty of autumn goodies! I know that we haven't really thought about warm clothes yet. But winter will come, sure as eggs, and we've got a shop full of gorgeous knits, jeans, boots & coats, and a plethora of covetable accessories. So why don't you all treat yourselves and your beloved friends to some retail therapy before the responsibilities and commitments of day to day life consume us again and we forget to pause and congratulate ourselves on just how amazing we women are.

Much love, Laura x 


Monday, 8 September 2014

September Song

Hello Ladies,

It was with a light heart that I banished the remains of our summer sale to the basement of Therapy last Tuesday. Not because I was wishing away the sunshine, but because I couldn't wait to hide away the odds and ends and have the chance to merchandise the lovely new Autumn stock. Ah the joy of a full size run, the array of fresh colours, the crisp fresh rails where everything matches and blends perfectly.

I was nervous. I'm always nervous when the new stock comes in. What if I've got it wrong? What if none of my customers like it? What if I'm finally found out?! 

I am reliably informed by one of my favourite books (Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon) that this is known as "imposter syndrome". Leon writes: "The clinical definition is a 'psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalise their accomplishments.' It means that you feel like a phony, like you really don't have any idea what you're doing. Guess what: None of us do." 

Phew, that's a relief. 

I spent my childhood dressing my dolls in home made clothes and now I spend my adulthood dressing my customers. I'm still playing! No wonder I worry about being found out. Work's supposed to be the serious stuff we do in order to support us in our leisure - you know - the fun stuff. But I have fun every day!

Taking back the full time running of Therapy this last nine months has been a revelation. In actually doing the daily work I have remembered why I created our wee shop in the first place. All the personal dramas that distracted me in the past have subsided and I am free to enjoy the process.

My friend Jeanette has renamed me Fanny, because I am always fannying around. Whenever she drops by the shop I am fiddling and folding and rearranging and cleaning - and totally happy. I took my pedometer into work one day and by closing time I had clocked up two miles!

I watched a brilliant documentary on BBC 4 the other night: You've Got A Friend: The Carole King Story. Amazing - watch it on BBC iPlayer if you missed it. Apart from her astounding genius as a singer songwriter, what came across was her total joy in what she does - it shone out of her! Tapestry went straight on Therapy's CD player the following day.

Do what you love / love what you do - and you'll do it well. A cliche? Yes. True? Yes! After years of behaving like a tortured artist, never feeling good enough, feeling like a phoney, I've finally realised that being content, having fun and trusting my instincts is a far more relaxing way to live my life. As my mum used to say: "It'll all be the same in a hundred years" so we might as well be happy right now.

So after I had finished carting the sale residue downstairs, and merchandising the new stock in its place, and having a wee panic, I laughed at myself and decided to have faith in my choices and enjoy them as, happily, you all seem to be.

I've put some new photos on the right hand side of this page -I hope you like what you see. There are still summer bargains in the basement if you're off on a last minute summer jaunt. And most of all - Ann and I are always happy to see you, buying or not. You are what brings our work to life. 

Thank you!
Laura x 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Therapy Summer Sale Starts Saturday 16th August!

Hello Ladies! 

Once again I was shocked when returning to my blog page to see that it has been more than a month since I last wrote to you all. Where did that go?! The long sultry days of summer saw me sweating gently and trying hard to waft around the shop in an attempt to keep cool. Happily, thanks to you all, I ended up instead doing lots of running up and down stairs finding shoes and stuff!

It's been such a pleasure to see the summer clothes I chose so long ago come to life on you all. And having the weather in which to enjoy wearing them was such a blessing. Petworth has been full of life this summer with more European visitors then we've seen for a number of years. The town looks fabulous, garlanded with Spriggs' gorgeous hanging baskets. As usual we had our enormous flowering display above the shop window. I'm still hoping to win "best dressed station" one of these years!

Along with my manic shop-wafting I've been busy buying collections for next summer 2015. It is nerve wracking buying so far in advance but at the same time it's good to have the season I'm buying for fresh in my mind. My wee brain is furiously computing as I consider the best and worst sellers of this season and compile my wish list for next summer.

One of the main qualities that a fashion buyer needs is optimism. It takes a degree of insanity to commit so much money in advance when the variables that can affect our business are so numerous. That's why being enthusiastically optimistic is important.

It can however lead to a few mistakes. My old colleague at Jenners once said of the stock that sits around not selling: "There will always be some dogs, that sit up and bark at you every time you pass them on the shopfloor!" 

Which brings me neatly round to the Sale. As promised we're having a proper end of season sale. We start our Sale this Saturday - 16th August. As the weather takes a cooler turn I am concerned that we've left it too late. I've hedged my bets by putting out some of our lovely new autumn collections - I believe in offering something for everyone!

My usual neuroses aside I am quietly confident that our Sale will be a success. I'm an old fashioned shopkeeper and believe in genuine discounts. To me the Sale is a chance to offer you all a great bargain as a way of saying thank you for supporting us through the season. Besides, the stock that goes into the Sale has been floating around in my head since I first saw it last July and it's time to say goodbye!

So I'm looking forward to Saturday and enjoying the planning and preparation that goes into every Sale. I hope you'll all have as much fun as I will.

Ooh, after February's success I will also be open this Sunday 17th August from 11am until 4pm. (Thank you Susie!)

See you on Saturday!

Laura x

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Welcome to Summer!

Hello Ladies,

I have just realised that it's more than a month since I last blogged. My excuses? I've been juggling a busy shop with visits from two of our sons - Chris's eldest, a long haul flight from Perth, Australia, and mine, a more relaxing train ride from Edinburgh. I've never been more grateful for the sunshine. Chilling on our roof terrace was far preferable to huddling by the fire indoors.

I love summer, and ours is well and truly on the way. Even today's forecast of heavy rain has materialised into blue skies and sunshine. Sigh. 

So why are all the high street shops on sale? Okay so last Saturday may have been the longest day but this does not mean that June is the height of our summer. Why we're only just getting started! And as we all know, with our unreliable weather, none of us are going to fork out fortunes on floaty fashions while it's drizzling. Oh to have such confidence in the British sunshine. No, here in the UK we like to buy our summer clothes when we know we can actually wear them. Hey, we Brits are funny like that!  

As I'm writing this from our sitting room bay window, I can see Therapy - sprouting flowers and newly painted. And I feel truly blessed to be a shopkeeper in this beautiful part of England. What could be more fun than selling pretty things to lovely customers? Aye, it's a hard job, but someone's got to do it!

Now retailing isn't brain surgery. If I have an off day no one really suffers, but that doesn't mean it's without it's stresses. I've already started buying for next summer. What about autumn? I hear you cry. Oh that was all put to bed by February, and my weather forecast for this winter is cold and crisp (I have lots of coats and boots on order!) Now I don't know whether it's going to snow this year. All I can do is make my selection based on previous experience, my customers' needs and my gut instinct. I can't tell you how surprised I still am every season when a style that I thought was a dead cert lies languishing on the rails! 

Every year the buying appointments get earlier as my suppliers strive to be the first to secure part of my buying budget. Deliveries get earlier too. If I let them, my suppliers would deliver autumn stock in June. So the fashion industry dictates when the seasons start: winter in June and summer in November. Ridiculous!

I'm not very good at being told what to do. (I guess that's why I work for myself!) and having companies dictate that I sell inappropriate clothing for the weather makes me mad. The high street chain stores push the sale period ever earlier. What used to be August and January sales are now June and December. For a while the pressure of selling vests in February and wooly jumpers in July really got me down.

And then Therapy decided to get off the merry-go-round. Which is why last year we took the new and scary decision to delay our sale until mid August. You know, that month when the sun is usually at its hottest and most prolific? We figured that if the sun shines most often in July and August that it would make sense to be selling summer clothes. It was a terrifying wait but our first August sale was one of our most successful yet.

By delaying the sale we were able to offer our customers a proper range of weather-appropriate clothing instead of a soiled size 6 frock from the sale residue rail. Going on sale in August still meant that customers had another two months to wear their sale bargains. One thing we do seem to be quite good at in the UK is an Indian summer.  

And my stress levels? They plummeted! My desire for a bit of sensible retailing had been fulfilled and I could enjoy the oncoming autumn season as the leaves were turning. Ah.

So I will continue to make Therapy enticing, introducing new styles and luring you in with scrummy windows. Because that is my role as a shopkeeper. I source lovely things so that when you ladies walk through my door I can show you something that you will rush home to wear - right now (unless of course you like to wear wooly jumpers in July).  

So don't expect to see a SALE sign on our window until August - although I have started a SALE RAIL in the basement - for all those bits and bobs that I'm tired of looking at. 

Instead come and see our extensive range of lovely linen dresses, comfy and elegant shoes, sorbet coloured suede bags, colourful and unusual jewellery and perfect separates. Because I don't know about you but I'm just in the mood for my summer wardrobe!

Laura x

Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Birthday To Us!

Hello Ladies,

What were you doing ten years ago?! As you can see from the photos below we've had a few incarnations in our time. I had quite a nostalgia-fest searching through my old photos and remembering all the ups and downs. 

As with anything in life, mostly we look back and sigh at the mistakes we made and the hard won lessons we've learnt. As I have often said to my son: "Hindsight is a wonderful thing...but it can be a big stick to beat ourselves with!" We look back and wonder why we didn't know what we know now...forgetting that the knowledge we have comes from experience. And as Chris says: "Experience - you can't buy it and you can't teach it." 

But since I'm throwing quotes around, they also say "Life's about the journey, not the destination" - cliched but true! And here is Therapy's journey:

Therapy For Feet, High Street

Kids Therapy, 10a New Street

10a New Street - from Kids to Therapy Frocks to Shoes & Homewares

Therapy, Golden Square - the original & the best!

When I think back over the last ten years of Therapy it is the yummy things I've bought that I remember best. I adore fabulous fashion and I find it much easier to bring to mind than people or events! So here are a few of my favourite things:

The tweed skirt with mad applique rabbit from Des Petits Hauts (my sister still has hers). 

Rebeca Sanver's suede platform, ankle strap wedges from our very first season (I still have two pairs which I look at every summer and sensibly decide against wearing - sigh).

All the leather bags from Abro - yum yum yum! I know they were expensive but oh how beautiful! I still have two and the one I use every day has just got better and better.

Talking of bags - I still have a lime green snakeskin bag with matching stiletto slingbacks from our opening season of Therapy For Feet - so Grace Kelly.

Avoca's cute 50's style sundress with lips woven into the fabric.

Avoca's gorgeous tartan throws in mohair and lambswool - the colour combinations make me smile with happiness.

Ah, the Old Gringo cowboy boots - so expensive and total works of art. If I could afford it I'd collect them - heavenly!

Noli dresses - how fabulous were they?! Feminine, unusual, wearable, flattering - Wenlan the designer is a genius. Where is she now?! (I don't know, I've tried to find her)

Part Two. I love the Danes and this brand has been our faithful stalwart for the last ten years. Clean styling, great fit, understated, yes - boring, no!!

Polo Ralph Lauren for kids - too cute!! I know Kids Therapy didn't work out but that collection was just so iconic. I used to buy the men's range when I worked for Jenners and it was a real nostalgia trip to buy the kids' range.

Trussardi Jeans. I know, typically fabulous Italian design and quality...and typically Italian -  impossible to work with! The fit and fabrics were so innovative and ahead of their time. Some of you are still wearing them.

Jaime Mascaro's Pretty Ballerina ballet pumps - like Cinderella shoes! Expensive, yes. Gorgeous, yes yes yes!!!

Aftershock's beaded tops from our early days. I know they shed beads all over the place but they were works of art and such a good price. I wore one (with my Rebeca Sanver wedges) on my 40th birthday trip to Paris. Ooh la la!

Jackpot trousers! I know trousers are boring things to buy but they have to fit right...and Jackpot's did! Such a shame they're no longer wholesaling the collection.

Jewellery, jewellery, jewellery! Such fun and so easy to buy - no sizes to worry about. Manouk's mad wire & bead necklaces in every colour; Majique's endless selection of on-trend and affordable baubles; Tantrend's current colourful collection. Ah, like a pirate's treasure...

I love buying accessories because there's no sizing to worry about. I love the fact that scarves, socks, gloves, tights can be any combination of mad colours and prints. Echo is another collection which we've stocked from the very beginning and some of their designs have made me want to weep at their beauty. And as for Avoca's cute scarves and gloves - it's our chance to dress like kids again - and why not?!

I'm sure you all have your own favourite's - because they're beautiful, because you wore them for a special occasion, because it was a gift from a loved one...

Fashion may not be life saving, our men may not understand our passion, we may panic about spending on something gorgeous and frivolous when we should be buying groceries...

but who cares?!! Fashion makes us feel great and to me that is a good enough excuse to do what we do at Therapy.

Thank you all of you for making that possible.

Laura x

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ne'er Cast A Cloot 'til May Gans Oot!

Hello Ladies, welcome to May! 

Today's title is a wee bit of Scots for you. What does it mean? Well, you know what it means - it's the Scottish version of the English saying: Don't take your clothes off until the Hawthorn is in bloom! 

Now both the month of May and the "May tree" are close to my heart. May is the month of Chris & my wedding; May is the month of Therapy's birth! May is the month of my dear mum's birthday and Hawthorn one of her favourite blooms.

Since the arrival of our new doggy Bess, I find myself out on the Shimmings every morning at 6.30am. I don't mind the early start - rather that than being spotted by anyone I know in my pjs, no makeup and with my hair on end! I'm only half awake but I still manage to appreciate the beauty around me. As Bess is dragging me after rabbits I make sure that I can pause to enjoy the blossom and beautiful bouquet of the burgeoning Hawthorn trees. I love the smell of them - sweet almonds - like marzipan - heavenly! And the flowers so delicate and perfect...  

Yes it's our birthday - Therapy will be ten this month! A decade since we opened our doors - it's hard to believe isn't it? I tell you what really brings it home to me, it's the age of our customers' children. Once they were wee tots of 7 and 11, now they're driving cars and graduating from university - scary!

Therapy's tenth birthday celebrations will coincide with the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of the month. So I'm thinking we could have an evening soiree where we can all get tiddly, chat to our friends and stagger home. Or we could have a three day shopping extravaganza with double loyalty points (and fizz of course!) 

So instead of needing to spend £500 before you receive a £50 loyalty gift voucher, you'll only have to spend £250. That works out as 20% discount...but don't mention equation to Chris or he might change his mind! 

And if we open Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday then it will hopefully give all of you lovely, hard working ladies the chance to take benefit of our tenth birthday present to you. Lovely. 

Ah but that's a few weeks away. Why we've only just finished the last Bank Holiday. There are rumours that there's a heatwave on the way - hooray! You'll be needing to freshen up last year's summer wardrobe then? 

Well you all know where we are and Therapy's full of all sorts of yummy things, so come in and say hello - we always love to see you.

Laura x 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Nonsense!

Happy Easter Ladies!!

Ooh I love Easter, it's like Christmas but with chickens instead of turkey, and better weather.

I attended Spriggs' spring flower demonstration in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Action last week. Ali, the inspirational lady who founded this charity, spoke with passion and eloquence of the real differences that they have made already. And I was eager to contribute to this good cause with the chance to win one of Matthew's fabulous displays. 

I didn't win anything but I did come away feeling humbled and inspired...and with ideas for some of Matthew's "Easter nonsense"! He'd talked about Easter & Spring being a time when optimism is high and we can enjoy ourselves and have a bit of fun with our creations. Well, that was all the encouragement I needed!

I know it's not elegant and it won't win any prizes for window dressing - but it did make me smile to be filling the window with mad Jellycat animals. Here at Therapy we're not about perfection & elegance at any price. We're about looking & feeling good while being comfortable & happy in our daily lives.

Over the Easter weekend Therapy will be open:

Good Friday: 10am - 3pm
Easter Saturday: 10am - 5.30pm
Easter Sunday: CLOSED
Easter Monday: 11am - 4pm

We'll be offering fizz, cake and edible Easter nonsense all weekend, so bring your families and friends and say hello.

Laura xx 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

I Love Paris In The Springtime...

Ah, the blissful sunshine! What a joy it has been to feel the warmth of the Spring sun on our neglected limbs.

It was my birthday at the beginning of March and Chris, my darling hubby took me to Paris. Ooh la la! I love Paris and am lucky enough to have visited many times over the last few decades. This means that when we're there I feel no obligation to see the sights but can wallow in the luxury of our beautiful hotel and do some proper people watching.

Now my birthday always coincides with Paris Fashion Week. How lucky am I?! The hotel was filled with famous and fabulous fashionistas: Kate Moss, Anna Wintour (editor of American Vogue), Grace Coddington (she of the flaming red hair, 60s fashion icon & Vogue stalwart). Even Janet Jackson was there, complete with huge minder carrying tiny dog.

Oh the clothes, the shoes! I was in my element. I love fashion, I always have - making clothes on an old Singer sewing machine aged seven, designing collections for my dolls aged twelve, pouring over copies of French Marie Claire in my teens and reproducing the looks from my dad's old shirts and second hand jeans. Even as a student of sculpture I could be found, head to toe in clay and plaster, ingesting every scrap of my Vogue magazine.

Not surprising then that at the end of my studies I took my MA in fine art and went off to be a trainee buyer. There will be some of you out there who remember Jenners department store in Edinburgh's Princes Street. Sadly it's owned by House of Fraser now, but when I joined them in 1990 it was still family owned. Ah what a legendary emporium and eccentrically wonderful training ground it was. It was like a cross between The Paradise and Are You Being Served. 

It took me two years to become a buyer - and that was fast tracking - normally vacancies only came up if someone retired or died. I started in ladies coats then moved to ladies separates - nice! But spending a whole year in the famous Jenners Foodhall was both torture and heaven: I put my back out four times; gorged myself on so many belgian chocolates that I had hypnotherapy to try to stop; set up Valentine, Easter, Tourist and Christmas shops; saw The Chippendales with the most outrageous bunch of (nearly pensionable) sales ladies and learnt more about the art of shopkeeping than I'd ever imagined there was to know.

I thought I'd proved myself - passed all of my retail buying exams, attended every training course from negotiation to team building. But oh no, out I was sent to Jenners Depository where I was to process (in June) the entire stock for that year's Christmas shop. Argh!! Three and a half months I spent up to my eyes in tinsel, sharing my breaks with (the very lovely but somewhat scary) Sun reading warehouse staff, and begging our HR manager to give me a chance and get me out of there.

You know what they say about the squeaky wheel getting the oil? Well my relentless pestering worked. I was allowed to apply for the job of buyer/manager for the newly created Mens Fashion department - at last I'd got my wish. Now to give you an idea of the environment this department opened in, not so long before this there had been a board meeting to discuss whether denim should be sold in 1990? Just a little behind the times then!

Mm, they also say be careful what you wish for. From the moment I was offered the job my learning curve became so steep I swear I spent the next six years in a back bend. But oh how I adored my job! Fashion is fashion, it didn't matter to me if it were men's or women's - the fabrics, the colours, the line of a perfectly tailored suit - heaven. 

I bought Calvin Klein in New York, Ralph Lauren in Paris, DKNY in Milan, attended trade shows in Florence, had weeks of appointments in London. I spent six months of the year away from home and the rest of the time working twelve hour days. My marriage suffered, my son went without his mum. It was as glamorous as it sounds, and it was also at times tough, relentless, scary and lonely.

But I wasn't to be distracted from my passion for fashion. In 2000 I moved to London to work for Chris & his business partner in their wholesale fashion agency, selling menswear collections to the trade. After a year I was promoted to head of womenswear. It had been ten years since I'd worked with ladies fashions and I confess it was a huge shock to my system! Men are so easy to sell to and buy for: two arms, two legs, trousers or jeans, shirts or knits, a nice suit - job done. But not so us women!

I spent a year trying to persuade ladies fashion retailers to buy our collections, with the constant cries of "What do you have to co-ordinate with this? These trousers are not flattering. Where is my delivery? I can't sell this dress without a coat!" 

Ah but it was this job that led me to our beloved Petworth. Ten years ago, out on a road trip on my way to a customer in Chichester, I stopped off in Petworth and fell in love with the town, with the glorious countryside, with the friendly people and the gentle pace of life.

And so here I am after a decade of Therapy - still in love with fashion, still a shopkeeper to the core, still blissfully happy to make Petworth my home, and every day giving thanks to you - my lovely customers - who make this all possible. So this beautiful birthday bouquet I share with you all.

Thank you! Laura x

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Spring 2014 La Badia Pumps!!

Hello Ladies, our new La Badia pumps arrived about ten days ago but I've been saving them until I could mail you all - giving you all an equal chance to grab the ones you love in your size.

I have a wee explanation to give you first:

Buying shoes is not easy! There are so many sizes, so many feet, all of them different. Having studied several past seasons of La Badia orders to see which sizes had sold best I discovered that...there are no best-selling sizes! 
So this is what I have done:

All of the above styles I have bought in every size, from a European 35 - 42 and all the half sizes too (15 different sizes in total!) I only have 1 of each size apart from a 38 and 39 where I bought 2 pairs. 
(But - La Badia ran out of the salmon coloured suede (on the far left in the photo) so they only made me 1 pair of every whole size and 2 size 38s.)

Confused? You will be!

My idea is that each of you will have a choice of all of the new colours, plus a range of other colours in your size, to choose from. This way, no matter what size you are, we'll have something for you. But if you want a specific colour from our new range then you'll have to be quick!

I hope this makes sense to you all. Think of it as a library of La Badias!
Get in touch if there are any ones you love and want me to hold for you or send to you.
Laura x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Clearance Sale in the Leconfield Hall this Saturday!

Hello Ladies, 
You've probably received a flyer or seen the banner outside Natwest Bank. But in case you haven't - here it is!
We've had a good clear out and there will be all sorts of bargains from previous seasons, as well as what's left from this winter sale.
Chris, our dear friend Heidi and Chris's sister Bev will be in the hall. Ann & I will be in the shop leaving them to it!  
Have fun! Laura x

Friday, 31 January 2014

The Therapy Sale starts Saturday 1st February!!

Don't miss out on some great bargains!

Hello Ladies,

Following on from our first  "end of season" sale last August, we are about to launch our Winter Sale. 
Okay, so the British weather being what it is, it's probably not the end of the winter season...
All the more reason to grab yourselves some bargains - you'll certainly get your wear out of them.
January's been a slog, hasn't it? So much rain! I don't know why we're so surprised by the British weather. I seem to have been in a constant state of bewilderment, and yet regular sunshine would have been more of a shock.
At Therapy we've been hedging our bets with wooly jumpers and boots jostling on the floor with linen dresses and cropped jeans. I like to think of it as optimistic - I'm delighted when some lucky customer comes looking for suitable attire for an exotic trip to Goa or Bermuda...sigh...
Today started with a heavy mist, and now the sun has broken through and I've a delicious frisson of excitement in my belly. Spring is on its way. In the meantime I'll be wearing a mixture of winter warmers (layers of long sleeve tees, jeans & boots) topped off by some brand new Spring 14 tops and knits. How typically British - a combination of practicality and hope!
Thank you to all of you who have braved the downpours to visit us at Therapy. Whether you're buying or not it is always a pleasure to see you - especially during the driech and dreary month of January. Now February is on its way and I for one am feeling buoyant about 2014. Yay!

Love, Laura x

Monday, 13 January 2014


Hello Ladies,

If you received my mailout then you will already know that Louise, our exemplary manager, has left our employ. But I don't get much room to write in my emails and I wanted to take the time and space to write a proper thank you to Lou for her extensive contribution over the last seven years.

When Lou first joined us we had three shops in Petworth - Therapy, Therapy For Feet and Kids Therapy. Phew, what were we thinking?! It was Lou's job to manage the day to day running of the shops and staff - no mean feat at that time. Despite being thrown in at the deep end, Lou set about streamlining and organising the company with enthusiasm and determination.

The years progressed, our shops went through various reincarnations and Chris, Lou and I became a tight knit team. Mind you, with Chris and Lou both being Scorpios there were a few  explosions along the way. But it's not easy to be part of a business run by a husband & wife team. Chris and I can shout all we like at each other, knowing that we're married and it will all be okay. I'm sure it was more of a minefield for Lou!

As our shops became better organised, Lou began to join me on buying trips. It was great for me to have her company and support when making such important decisions. Lou's knowledge of our customers and their needs ensured that we were sourcing the best products for Therapy. Over the years we became very adept at selecting ranges. We developed an efficient routine in showrooms which involved rummaging through the rails together muttering "too short", "they don't like elastic", "no use if you've got a big bust" etc. Most of the time we didn't even speak. We'd arrive at a particularly inappropriate item, Lou would look at it and pull a face, and I would dissolve into a fit of giggles. I feel sorry for the poor sales teams who had to stand back and watch us pick their collections apart!

Then of course there was the time that Chris and I planned to sell up and move to Montana...Once more Lou took our latest scheme in her stride and continued to respond efficiently to our requests for more changes within the company. But we decided to stay in our beloved Petworth (how could we think of leaving?!) and so the dynamics changed again, and here we were, full circle, back to our one original Golden Square shop.

The last three years with one shop and one manager have been a real luxury for me. With Lou  looking after the business so capably I was able to take some time out and explore sculpting again, as well as taking stock of my life and deciding that it was high time I committed myself full time to Therapy again. Yes, a double edged sword for Lou. Thanks to her hard work I'm ready to take back the running of our business and she is faced with starting over. 

That's scary...and exciting. I am sure that the skills and experience that Lou has gained in working so closely with Chris and I in Therapy have equipped her well for her next move. Hard working, creative, organised, loyal, intelligent, good at details and able to see the bigger picture - any small business like ours would do well to snap up Louise Saunders. 

It just leaves me to say a personal thank you to Lou. We've had some real adventures over the last seven years and a lot of laughs together, and I look forward to continuing our friendship into the future.

Laura x