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Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Blustery Spring!

Hello Ladies! I'm emerging finally from my Winter hibernation. Not literally of course (what a delightful thought) but metaphorically I feel as if I am breaking out of the gloom into the light - just like these beautiful flowers that I'm enjoying on my morning dog walks. 

This is my favourite time of year in Therapy: The remnants of our Sale have been banished to our basement and the fresh, new Spring collections are flooding through the doors, brightening our mood and infusing the shop with colour and freshness.

I hope you'll agree that Therapy is looking bright and perky in her new Spring colours. We have two new clothing collections for you this season. Unintentionally they both hail from The Netherlands but, like Part Two from Denmark, the Dutch style and proportions seem to be particularly in tune with us Brits. 

The first is SANDWICH. This is a fantastic co-ordinates collection that I have been keen to stock since we first opened thirteen years ago. "All things come to she who waits"! I've always loved this range and my patience has been rewarded because we've had a wonderfully enthusiastic response from you too. 

The second collection is called ZILCH. Chris spotted it in a trade magazine and thought it looked "very Therapy". I have learnt over the years to trust my husband's judgement, after all this is the man who brought NYDJ jeans to Petworth! Zilch is a lovely family business featuring flattering, well priced dresses and separates in viscose & modal jersey (that's yarn made from Eucalyptus and Bamboo - cool, breatheable & easy care). I'm thrilled with the dresses which are sooo flattering on you lovely customers - perfect.

Yes that's right - the new La Badia Spring colours have arrived! In a break from tradition only the sky blue and mint green pumps are suede, the other colours are in beautifully soft nappa leather. Now I've always avoided choosing leather over suede because it doesn't have the same instant appeal, but I think it's time that we embrace nappa leather! It will soften and mould to your feet in the same way as suede but will be harder wearing and easier to maintain. I'll let you all "talk with your feet" and see if I'm right!

Well as usual it's all or nothing with me - you wait four months for some Therapy news and then I bombard you with information! Still I hope that you're as excited about Spring as we are. I'm guessing that you are from the number of you who've already been in to look at and buy the new collections. Thank you! 
Love, Laura x