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Monday, 26 March 2012

British Summer Time..........

Well we had a week of Spring and now we seem to be in the throes of Summer!!!! Who would have thought that we are only at the end of March, it feels more like May. We had a really busy week last week and it was so nice to see so many of our regular customers. We had our delivery of our lovely new linen range from Ella Moda which looks fantastic, just in time for all this warm weather. Easter is only a couple of weeks away and the schools break up at the end of this week, so lets hope that this warm, sunny, dry weather  continues.

With Easter in mind we have decorated the window with an Easter theme of eggs! And I hear you ask what clothes we have put in for this week, so without further ado...........

 Avoca Wander Tunic in Rouge
Oui Skinny Jeans in Pale Blue
Part Two T-Shirt in White
Stephen Collins Belt in White

 Avoca Liberty Print Skirt in Green
Palace Cardi in Green
Palace Cami in Green

Avoca Cinema Dress in Red, Grey and White

Hope to see many of you in the coming week. Don't forget we generally only have one of each size in our clothes, so if you don't want to miss out pop in for a visit, with some chat and lots of fun........!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bright and Breezy

So another week has whizzed past in a flash and today is officially the first day of Spring...........! All the Daffodils are showing their sunny faces, the sun has been shining and yesterday we went to London on a buying trip for boots and shoes for Winter 2012!!

So what's in the window this week....?

Left...Jackpot Melity Skirt in Pinks
         Jackpot Edel Cardi in Camel
         Jackpot Cami in Pink
         Lovett Necklace

Middle... Jackpot Kaira Trousers in Camel
               Jackpot Daena Blouse in Orange
               Tutti Necklace

Right... Ingenue Artur Tunic in Capri Pink
            Oui Straight Leg Jean in Orange
            Jackpot T-Shirt in Pink
            Tutti Necklace

Just to let you all know that our fab Toni Pons espadrilles are selling very quickly, so pop in and see us soon if you don't want to miss out!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Great Tits Too .......

So part one of the 'Boob' blog was about big boobs, so what comes next, yes small boobs or no boobs.
If you are the owner of a chest bereft of boobs,I bet you've longed for boobs, maybe even thought about surgery and tried all the tricks in the book to boost what just isn't there!! Well I'll let you into a secret, us girls with big boobs long to have smaller ones! Why you ask in amazement.....
Because loads of clothes look better worn by flat- chested women,they hang better. You don't always have to wear a bra, how liberating that must feel. You can boost your boobs with padded bras and silicone extras. With big boobs you cannot just make them smaller if you feel like it. We know that sometimes you worry about not being sexy. But you don't need boobs to be alluring!

So let's talk boobs.....

Small or no Boobs....

No low scoop necklines or v-necks.......these accentuate a bony chest and the v just points to the area of disappointment!
Go for high necklines with no sleeves as this draws attention to your arms which are in general lovely and slim. Another good neckline is a slash one with cap sleeves as this broadens the shoulders and creates a wonderful angle to your slim waist.

No empire line tops..... Why wear a top that's designed to enhance the boobs if there is nothing there!!!!
Go for the halterneck or a sleeveless top with detail down the front. Both of these will show off a sexy shoulder which is a good substitute for the cleavage and the detail will cover the chest and make up for what is not there!

No dresses that are skintight and stretchy with spaghetti straps......why because skintight on a skinny top half isn't sexy, it's a disappointment! And again no empire lines!!
Go for high neck and a little see through as tiny boobs can get away with no bra! Backless, a back can be as sexy as a cleavage, especially if you have exfoliated and used fake tan! Another good look is the plunging neckline down to the navel, you just cannot do this with big boobs, so enjoy you lucky ladies with tiny boobs! Very seductive!

No jumpers that are too fine and too low cut.....why because they just cling to what's not there.
Go for those lovely big chunky knits with high necks, they look so elegant.

So ladies rejoice at having small boobs. You will not look matronly before your time, even looking much younger than your years as you get older. You will not get backache from your boobs. You can add to them and you can go braless on those hot summer days and evenings when there's nothing worse than having to wear a bra that just makes you feel even hotter.

So if you have big ones or small ones just remember...

Looking stylish is not about following fashion, losing weight, being rich or going under the knife. It's about dressing to show off what you love about yourself and disguising what you loathe.

At Therapy we now have in stock all our lovely Spring collections and we are there to help you with whatever you need help with, be it looking for the perfect jeans, holiday trousers, t-shirts for everyday or something a little different. Our labels include Part Two, Jackpot, Oui, Avoca, NYDJ, FDJ, Palace and Amazing Woman. We must also let you know that our summer shoes from La Badia and Toni Pons are now in and selling very quickly. So don't leave it too long until you come and visit us.

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely Mums x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Great Tits......

Whatever you call them you either love yours or hate them! Too big, too small, droopy, all flat at the top, squidge out to the side, lopsided. You name it we've all said it! The list is endless. Also how many people have been scarred by a comment passed years ago during your adolescence when your body hadn't settled down? Far too many I expect going from comments we hear when you lovely ladies come to see us!

So let's talk BOOBS........

Big people may look at you and think you have an amazing pair of boobs!!! You think otherwise! They make you look matronly, bigger than you actually are, not the most comfortable of things, men talk to your boobs and not to you!! The main tool, and one that will become indispensable, is a well fitting bra. Invest whatever it takes to find the best one for you. Hoick them up high and push them forward with underwires and strong straps. Armed with the right bra you are in control of your boobs rather than the other way around!!

There are also ways to disguise big boobs with the clothing you wear.....

No high necklines....... They make your boobs look like they are an extension of your chin and mould them into one big lump. Go for a wide open neckline or a v-neck. Both of these break up the expanse of your chest.

No halter neck or spaghetti-strap dresses........ Hard to wear a bra with these and that's not a good idea, your boobs can creep out the side! Go for a wrap dress which pulls in the waist
and divides and separates your boobs. Or go for a sweetheart neckline as this elongates the neck.

No chunky knits or polo necks......Again the high neck makes your boobs look like a third chin and the chunky wool just makes everything look bigger! Go for a deep v-neck in a fine knit, like cashmere, which will keep you warm whilst the v will divide your boobs. A round neck cardigan with the buttons undone to the top of your bra will show off your stunning cleavage. And last but not least a wrap cardigan which you can tie as tight as you wish with your boobs always being kept apart.

Hopefully this has been of some help with your big boobs and you grow to love them!

Remember.... Looking stylish is not about following fashion, losing weight, being rich or succumbing to the knife. It's about dressing to show off what you love about yourself and hiding what you loathe about your body.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Red, White and Blue........

So here we are at the beginning of another week, and it looks like we're in for another week of Spring. Hooray......!!!
With that in mind I decided to put a nautical theme in the window this week of Red, White and Blue, a bit too early for a patriotic theme! Just gets me thinking of lazy days on the river or a day at the seaside.
Red, white and blue always look good together. Can be fun, fresh and make you feel good. So what's gone in the window this week????

Left- Oui Star and Stripe Top in Navy/White
          Oui Chino Trousers in Red
          Quintissential Spot Scarf in Red

Middle- Avoca Treviso Dress in Red
               Jackpot Zalvie Cardigan in Navy

Right- Oui Print Mesh Top in Navy/White
            Jackpot Alba Linen Trousers in White
            Stephen Collins Soft Belt in White

So if you're in Petworth this week why not pop along to the shop, come and have a chat and a look at all the fab new clothes that have been delivered in the past week.

Next blog will be all about boobs..............!

Monday, 5 March 2012

What's In The Window This Week

So a new week and a new set  of clothes in the window. So what are the models wearing?
NYDJ Twiggy Straight Leg Jeans in White, Jackpot Maryna Floral Top in Blue, Part Two L/S Tshirt in White and Stephen Collins Belt in Pistachio.

Jackpot Wern Tape Knit Jumper in White, Jackpot L/S Tshirt in Green, Oui Classic Trousers in Navy and Echo Scarf in Lime/Blue.
Jackpot Harmione Dress in Blue, Part Two S/S Tshirt in White and Jackpot Zalvie Cardigan in Cornflower..

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Busy busy busy .......

Well what a busy week we had. The fine spring weather at the end of the week really made everyone feel very springlike! Petworth was really buzzing, and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face. The joys of things to come.
The shop was a hive of activity. We saw so many of our lovely regular customers and met lots of lovely people visiting Petworth for the first time. The new La Badia pumps that arrived at the beginning of the week were one of the most popular items. We get them from a small family firm in Florence Italy and they are gorgeous,fabulous colours and so soft and comfortable. We only have a small quantity of each colour, so I think they are going to sell out quickly. The colours for this spring/summer are Green, Pale Pink, Denim Blue, Pink, Taupe and a 3 colour one of Red, White and Blue.
Hope to see you all next week.
Take care.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring Is Here

Well I must start with an apology for not having spoken to you all during the winter! I think I must have been hibernating! I was very busy during the winter so I'm sure loads of you came to visit me.
Today the 1st March was beautiful! The sun shone, the birds sang and the sky was a wonderful blue.
All my new spring stock was flying out the door. La Badia pumps in some gorgeous colours were delivered at the beginning of the week and I don't think they will be around for long, so get your skates on if you want a pair!
The rails are full of fantastic clothes in heavenly colours! Greens, Blues, Pinks, White and so many more.
We had the wonderful June Whitfield pop in to see us today,such a lovely lady.
Talk to you all soon.