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Monday, 14 November 2011

An Early Christmas Present from Us to You!

Hello Ladies,
I nearly forgot to let you know in all the excitement! On Saturday 12th November we started a week long promotion. Wait until you hear this:

25% off everything!!

It's our early Christmas present to you. And a thank you to you all for your patience while we were toying with the idea of leaving Therapy & this beautiful town of Petworth behind.

From Saturday 12th November
Saturday 19th November

We thought it would be nice for you all to be able to treat yourselves before December comes and you have to focus on everyone else!

The promotion got off to a great start on Saturday, with our customers buying lots of the yummy things they've been coveting all season (and a bit of Christmas shopping too.)

Sorry for the delay in posting this bit of important news. But there's still another 5 days left for you to come in and treat yourselves!

Think about it: Your chance to buy that beautiful Avoca coat, or a fresh pair of La Badia pumps, or a sparkly frock for Christmas!

Therapy was buzzing on Saturday and it was a real treat for me to see so many of our lovely customers. So why don't you come along and say hello and join in the fun?!

Chris & I are delighted to be staying in beautiful Sussex and are looking forward to a fun Festive Season. This is our thank you to you.

See you all soon & much love,
Laura x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Brrrr! Autumn is here!

Having just recently returned from sunny Australia, I think I'm in shock! Now, I hear that the sun shone while we were away - so you must all be equally unsettled by the onset of winter.

But have no fear! Even though it's nasty outside, we at Therapy are always ready with a warm shop and a warm welcome.

Have you unpacked your winter clothes? I was looking at the longterm weather forecast, and it seems we're in for another chilly one.

Well if you're in need of some winter woolies, do come and see us. We're about to start another Pashmina & Knitwear promotion. Spend over £100 on one of our lovely, cosy knits and we'll give you a beautiful pashmina worth £39 for free! Can't say fairer than that. Keep it for yourself if you're feeling the chill - or save it for a loved one for Christmas.

Here are some of my favourites. This beautiful blue knitted coat is dreamy - soft and light and so warm. I was very tempted to have one for myself - but I've decided that you deserve it more! And if you fancy something a bit sparkly to see you through the coming celebrations, then how about one of these cute cardigans?

You know how we love knitwear at Therapy - easy to wear and easycare - perfect for us busy women. The examples here are only a tiny percentage of our selection so please pay us a visit and see & feel for yourselves all the yummy knits on offer.

I do however owe our cashmere customers an apology. I was badly let down by a new supplier this winter - and so have let you down also. I know many of you have been asking for the lovely Repeat cashmere from Switzerland. I confess I decided to try an alternative when the price of their cashmere rocketed. That'll teach me!! I promise to sort it out for next year and hope that you will all forgive me.

While I'm in apologetic mood:

I am sorry that we ever considered abandoning beautiful Petworth and our loyal customers for a life of cowboys and horses in Montana. I am claiming temporary insanity and promise faithfully that we are now happily staying put!

I've thought of lots of lovely ways to say thank you to you all - so keep an eye on this Blog and your emails for some great events in the run up to Christmas.

Thank you & lots of love,
Laura x 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

September Storms

My it's been windy recently! I must admit to not being a huge fan of windy weather. Like a horse, I find it gets into my head and makes me a bit crazy. However, this mad weather does mean that we can really enjoy wearing our Autumn clothes.

This week we take delivery of our new La Badia ballet pumps from Florence. Many of you have been waiting for the new colours. Your wait is over!
Alongside these we have our first collection of Toni Pons winter boots. Who would have thought that a company famed for its Espadrilles would make such fab, well priced boots?! Come and see for yourselves.

Camel coloured knits and leopard prints have been selling well. We have everything from bags & scarves to jeans in leopard, so why not jazz up your existing basics for a fun, funky look?

I hope you'll all agree that our wee Golden Square shop is looking great just now! Having incorporated shoes and homewares with our clothing, I think it adds to the interest and means that you can relax and find everything you need in one place - a good thing in this weather!

It's the time of year for jeans. We have denim, needlecord, velvet, leopard, smart gaberdine and fab stretchy jersey skinnies - something for every occasion.

And look at these lovely frocks from Nancy Mac - perfect for those parties.

Don't forget, we do free alterations on clothing bought from us, so what you save you can spend on something else!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Laura x

Friday, 19 August 2011

Autumn Is Round The Corner

So our Sale has ended. But don't panic, we have a couple of Sale rails in our basement for any last minute holiday requirements, and some brilliant bargains.

Whether we like it or not, Autumn is upon us at Therapy. Our suppliers are no respecters of weather. And whether it's 90' or grey skies, they will deliver the first of the Autumn collections in July.

Sadly (for those of us hanging onto dreams of Summer) and happily (for business) Therapy has some delicious new clothes that you can wear right now.

Jackpot, Part Two, Oui and Brodie Cashmere have all delivered some brilliant pieces.

We've got pretty cotton shirts, elegant & useful knits, yummy corduroy jeans, long sleeved tees for layering. Come and have a look - we've got lovely things you can wear right now.

I have to say this elusive summer has encouraged me to do more layering. I have a couple of long sleeved tees that I've been slipping under my favourite summer tops and dresses to extend their wear through the cooler days.

I tell you it works a treat. Team them with a pair of cut-offs or jeans under my dress and I'm toasty warm. It's certainly a way of dressing that I'm going to carry on through autumn and into winter. And the best thing about it? It means I can wear more of my favourite clothes at one time!

I'll keep you posted, by email and through my blog, as to what is arriving. 

But remember ladies: We only buy a few of everything. 

Well, I don't want you complaining because your best friend (or, worse still, your biggest rival) is wearing the same dress as you.

So if you love it - buy it.

And I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who have bought. We're only here because of your loyalty and support. 

Thank you.

Laura x

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sale Ends Today!!

Today is the last day of our Sale. 
We have some fantastic bargains still waiting for a good home. so come and see us - 10am to 5.30pm.

We've put out some of our lovely new Autumn collections too. I know, it seems too early to think about wooly jumpers and coats, but see for yourselves the pretty blouses, flattering trousers and useful knits that can be worn right now.

I'm buying for Spring 2012  at the moment and trying to avoid any of the mistakes I made this Spring. If there is anything you are looking for especially then let me know.

I'll be back soon to tell you all about the yummy things we have for Autumn. But, in the meantime, get along to the last day of our Sale!
Laura x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Therapy Summer Sale!!

Our famous Summer Sale starts on Saturday 16th July at 10am!

Our regular customers will know that we only have genuine bargains so come along as soon as you can & don't miss out.

We have a few cowboy boots left over from our old shoe shop clearance sale - you never know, you might be lucky!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Laura x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Therapy News Update

Therapy Website
We have recently revamped our website: 
Being back to one shop, it needed a bit of changing. I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you Susannah! I hope you will be too. We've tried to make it more informative and clearer for you.
I want to start a links page. So if any local individuals or companies would like to swap details then please get in touch.

More Shoes!
We have just received a new delivery of La Badia pumps & cute trainers, as well as a reorder of yummy Toni Pons espadrilles. So if you haven't quite sorted your summer footwear or fancy a treat, then come & see us!

High Days & Holidays Promotion
To get you in a celebratory mood we're offering 20% off all party frocks & posh outfits. So if you have a special occasion & fancy something new then come along and see what we have.

Chris & I are off to Montana for 3 weeks now. I hope you'll all pop into the shop to see Louise & Ann while we're away. And let's hope that, on our return from the States, summer will be in full bloom.

Happy Holidays!
Laura x 

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What are we like?!

I have just returned from a blissful break in France where I bared my pallid flesh in shorts and vests. It felt great to have the sun on my winter-weary skin and I wallowed in the relaxing ambience.

Oh if only it were the same in real life! I confess I blanched when I first considered a mini break in France in May. My first thought was for my lumps and bumps. Expose them? No thank you. I lost a bit of weight and started doing some exercises and felt a bit more confident when the moment came.

But this is what I want to discuss. A very good customer and friend was shopping with us recently. Commenting on how great her bust looked in a dress, I was shocked to hear her shriek with horror and claim it as her worst feature. It turned out that some wrinkly old doctor had judged her boobs too big for her frame as a tender teenager and she was scarred for life.

What a waste.

This beautiful lady is not only blessed with a fantastic figure, she is smart, funny, warm and genuine. How sad that she should have suffered her entire life because of the throwaway comment of an insensitive surgeon.

And I feel it more keenly because I know how she feels. It is only within the last year or so, and because of the unwavering love of my husband, that I can now accept the body I have. I look back in sorrow at the wasted years of misery I spent hating my body. 

The way I finally conquered my demons was by considering just what this same body had done for me over the last 45 years. Despite the neglect and abuse levied at it, my dear body still carried on (95% healthily) allowing me to live my life as I chose.

My husband kept telling me: "You have a lovely body for your age. You're not 18 any more Laura." And he's right. I now look at my body as a tapestry of my life. Every scar and stretch mark and wrinkle tells a story. And I'm proud of that story - proud that I've got this far.

I've been in retail now for 21 years and it still makes me gasp when I hear women denigrating their bodies. And this despite the fact that I have done the same to mine. I'm considering how I can do something to improve this terrible view we have of ourselves.

It's all very well selling beautiful, flattering clothes, but surely we should be addressing our fundamental attitudes to our bodies? Isn't it sad that we should reach 'the youth of old age' and still be uncomfortable in our own skin?

I haven't considered yet just how I can address this through Therapy. So if you have any ideas then please let me know. 

Laura x

Friday, 13 May 2011

New Shoes!

We have a new delivery of LA BADIA ballet pumps!

We've finally taken delivery of some basic colours - Black, Navy, Brown & Beige. At the moment we have them in all sizes (including half sizes) from 35 to 42. (That's a UK 2 - 9).

If you're needing to replace an old pair, or love your pink pumps so much that you'd like a pair in black, then come and see us!

We've also received Gabrielle Parker's bloomingly beautiful rose print collection. Tea Dresses, skirts and tops in the prettiest florals. Don't miss them!

Phone, email or come in and see us. We're here to help.

See you soon!
Laura x

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Magical Month of May

The May Bank Holiday has passed - and the Royal Wedding too. Wasn't it wonderful?! Being Scottish and still not used to Bank Holidays, it's a real treat to have an excuse to dress up and celebrate. 

Our customers have certainly been in celebratory mood. The sun has brought out the best in everyone and it's showing in your clothes.

Louise and I spent Wednesday remerchandising the shop - in other words 'moving things around'. We had lots of new stock to put out - gorgeous rose printed dresses from Gabrielle Parker; yummy new tops from Part Two; perfect sundresses from Goose Island - come and see!

And come you did. There's something about activity that gets everyone's curiosity going. While Lou and I sweated beneath armful's of clothes, our customers rummaged and smiled as they unearthed the perfect addition to their summer wardrobe. Lovely.

It reminds me of why Therapy exists and gives us just the boost we need in these testing times.

Thank you ladies, once again, for your unfaltering support.

Laura x 

Monday, 25 April 2011

Swimsuit Shopping

I went swimsuit shopping in my local high street last week. What a depressing experience!

With an imminent trip to France looming large, I decided to bite the bullet and find a suitable garment to cover and flatter my winter-white flesh.

I started in a well known chain, picking up a few reasonable styles in what I considered to be a reasonable size. Well, either I have a completely distorted and overly optimistic perception of myself, or the designers are having a laugh - and at my expense.

My first choice was a cheeky sailor style one piece. At least that's what it looked like on the hanger. Once on it became a Tarzan leotard, the neck reaching to my midriff and flattening my bust so that I resembled Borat in his Mankini.

The next two piece barely covered my extremities. Struggling in and out of various ill-fitting garments in the full and unflattering glare of fluorescent strips, curtain flapping and sweat rising, is not my idea of a pleasurable time.

Eventually I found a reasonably priced, reasonably shaped one piece in a size larger than I'd like to admit. But it fitted, and what have I advised about buying garments that fit regardless of size? This polka dot swimsuit had moulded cups, a long enough body and made me look more Jessica Rabbit than circus strongman. At last, a result.

The whole experience was endured as a necessary evil, the costume languishing in its carrier bag still. And it got me thinking about the environment we offer at Therapy.

Our aim is to provide comfortable, functional changing facilities. I believe our lighting is pleasant and illuminating and leaves you feeling confident. Louise, Ann and I always aim to be on hand to offer advice and search out possible alternatives if you're having a Tarzan moment.

My unpleasant experience left me reminded of why we started Therapy: To offer a friendly, enjoyable shopping experience - right down to the trying on. 

I hope you agree. If you don't then I'd love to hear your suggestions.
Laura x

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine days

A huge apology to all of you who’ve made the effort to look at our Therapy blog and found nothing new since March!
Those of you who know our business will know that we closed our shoe shop at the end of March. Don’t panic though - we still have out best-selling La Badia ballet pumps from Florence and a fantastic range of espadrilles from Spain which we’re selling from our original and best shop in Golden Square.
It’s been a long winter and a hard road for us from deciding to close to actually clearing out  the shop ready for a new tenant. Up until now we’ve always managed to transform areas that haven’t worked into something else. So it was with some sadness that I have been packing away the remains of our lovely shoe shop and saying goodbye to what was.
But Spring is all about new beginnings and Easter is all about transformation, and I for one am now feeling very positive about the future. Now that we are back to one shop, we are able to focus wholly on what we do best and hopefully offer our customers an undiluted Therapy experience.
And how blissful this Spring weather has been! The sun shines and everyone relaxes and blossoms. Throwing off our winter boots for strappy sandals has put me and everyone I’ve met in Therapy into a buoyant mood. Finally we can purchase our new summer clothes knowing we can enjoy them immediately.
And what better way to celebrate Easter and the upcoming Royal Wedding than with something new to wear. I’ve chosen some lovely tops from Oui. I confess this collection has become a firm favourite of mine. I just love the way that every piece is full of embellishment or quirky prints or beautiful yarns - doing all the work and allowing me just to throw them on and forget about what I’m wearing.
I’m going to treat myself to some Toni Pons espadrilles too. For under £70 you can choose from pretty, practical flats to sexy peep-toe heels - and so comfortable!
As usual I say too much. I’ll stop talking and you can all come and visit us instead.
See you soon!
Laura x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Do you feel like a mad March Hare?

Welcome to March! The month of mad Hares, March winds, daffodils and sunshine. Already we've had more sunshine this month than for the year so far - hooray!

I don't know about you ladies, but my mood has improved dramatically with the brightening days. I can almost picture myself in strappy sandals - I can't wait!

In the meantime, get into Spring by investing in a few "transitional" pieces. Now as long as I've been in fashion, designers have been trying to perfect the right clothes for the right season. As all of us know, though, the fashion seasons seem to have no bearing on real weather. So we find bikinis in January and fur coats in July - crazy.

Imagine what it's like for us trying to sell these! I've tried over the years to buy into transitional ranges - "mid season", "holiday", call them what you will - I've never found them to work very well.

What does work is layering! Yes, that thing that we don't consciously do much down here. Well at this time of year we do it very well. Think about it: It's March, we're sick of our winter wardrobe and it's too cold to wear linen unless we're wintering in Australia or of doubtful sanity. But wait - we can!

We've been selling linen shifts & skirts, leggings, jeans, long sleeve tee shirts, cardigans. Any one of these can be teamed with our existing wardrobes.
Imagine - a pretty cornflower blue linen shift, over a white long sleeve tee, on top of skinny jeans and worn-in boots.
Or how about a linen skirt teamed with a cashmere jumper and knee high boots?
Perhaps a pintucked and embroidered cotton top in the prettiest pale pink worn over a grey turtle neck with jeans and ballet pumps?

I'm delighted to see our customers embracing the new Spring collections. So don't wait for the temperature to rise, treat yourselves to something new and wear it now!

Laura x

Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Seventies

I asked you all if you were concerned about Seventies' fashion making a come back. But I didn't tell you what I think.

I like it! Think Charlie's Angels, think Julie Andrews in 10, think Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, think Bianca Jagger.

Forget David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust and Abba singing Waterloo!

We have some great 70's inspired skirts this season - A line, mid calf, with great detailing. Wear these with a great plaited leather belt and tan strappy wedges with just a simple jersey top and a big slouchy bag to look thoroughly up to the minute.

And what about the trouser shapes? Summer is the perfect time to pick up a pair of wide legged, 70's inspired linen trousers. Substitute the trousers for the skirt and sling a pretty cardigan around your shoulders. Voila, you're transformed into Grace Kelly in "High Society", perfect!

I love the 70's influence on footwear. Our Toni Pons Espadrilles are just right. Peep toe suede wedges, denim strappy sandals, simple linen espadrilles - not only are they comfortable but they're bang on trend.

You can pick up the trend just by adding a slim slippery scarf from Echo, or how about a long string of pretty glass beads from Simply Delightful? Even a fun felt corsage from Avoca will give your outfit a 70's flavour without frightening you or costing a fortune.

Spring is the time to experiment so don't be afraid to try a new look or update an old one. Our staff are always happy to help you and we've worked hard in our selection to bring you flattering fashions to suit your lifestyle.

Have a bit of fun!

Laura x

Friday, 25 February 2011

P.S. I forgot to tell you...

I forgot to tell you how safe I felt in my layers! My Part two gilet hid a multitude of sins and allowed me to wear tops that would otherwise have been a bit clingy for comfort.


Hello Ladies,
Today I'm going to talk about layering. I've just completed my buying for AW11, and it's all about layering.

You know what I mean, putting a vest under a shirt under a knit, with a belt - that sort of thing.

We're not great at it in Petworth. I've spent 7 years buying Danish collections - Part Two being our best known one. The Danes love layering! They do it effortlessly, it's in their DNA. 

I used to work with a Danish Company and spent time in Copenhagen. The Danish women as a rule appear to be tall and attractive and dress with style.

I think Danish fashion suits us in the UK. The fit and spec of their clothing is most suitable to our shape and size - compared to the French or Italians, who make everything tiny. And their pretty, casual styling is ideal for our busy country lives.

Here in Petworth we like to live and live well - just like the Danes. And like them we suit layering.

Now my most successful layering takes place every morning - PJ bottoms, fleece boots, a vest, an old jumper consigned now to bed-wear, an old cashmere cardi and a Dr Who type scarf.

I didn't say it was pretty! As the central heating warms the house through I shed layers, until I stand washed & made up & dressed - ready for the day. 

This winter I tried a bit harder. I can hardly encourage you dear customers if I don't do it myself. And I'll tell you something - it feels good. I feel good!

One of my favourite outfits this winter was a Oui printed top, a Part Two wool gilet, a pair of Jackpot needlecord jeggings tucked into fab knee high olive suede boots. I really felt the business! It was smart and warm and different enough to make me feel confident - but as comfortable as my favourite PJs - perfect.

Now this is the perfect time of year for layering. It's tough just now, coping with the endless grey skies and motivating ourselves to come out of hibernation. What we need is some pretty Spring colours and print cottons to give us a boost.

So wear a new Spring top with a long sleeved tee shirt underneath and an Autumn gilet over the top. Or try a pretty jersey printed skirt with a plain dark knit and boots - like me today.

I saw one of our customers mix a long sleeve tee with a floral cotton tea dress and a pair of jeans. It looked fantastic and gave her a fresh look while still practical.

We have loads of pretty tops and tunics, little cardis and different shapes in jeans. So if you're needing a little retail therapy and don't know what to buy, think layering!

Happy dressing!
Laura x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I love Mimi Spencer

Welcome ladies to the Therapy Blog. 
This one's for you! Having established my own personal blog, one of you lovely customers suggested I might add to that with info on our shop. Louise, our manager took it a stage further and suggested a separate Therapy Blog.

So what do you want to know?

This season we will see the return of the Seventies. Does that scare you?! 
I love Mimi Spencer. She writes a fashion column in The Mail On Sunday's You Magazine. Have you read her book: "101 Things To Do Before You Diet"? Brilliant! 

Mimi is a diehard Fashionista, unashamedly in thrall to beautiful clothes and the latest trend. But she's one of us - a mother and a middle aged woman who can't get away with hotpants or the colour nude any more. She manages to suggest a middle ground for the likes of us - combining the season's trends (come on, we're not dead yet) with styles that will flatter rather than mock. Good for you Mimi!

This is where I start as well. My aim has always been to combine my customer's desires and needs with what's out there in the world of fashion. I don't know how many times I've searched for a particular skirt length, the perfect knitted coat or navy when every designer's promoting black.

I do this for you dear customers. Fashion is about feeling and looking good in a way appropriate to the context within which we live. Now I personally subscribe to a Hippy Chick/Vintage Vibe/Secretary look. I feel like a free spirit but that is balanced by my urge to be neat and tidy. 

It seems to me that many of you are the same. We want comfortable, well designed clothes that flatter our lifestyle and are easy to care for. Shouldn't be a tall order, and I do think that things are improving. 

Finally bigger retailers and modern designers are cottoning on to the fact that we're the ones with the money. It's about time too. As I said (did I?) in my first blog, my customers buy according to their figure and their lifestyle. Age has nothing to do with it and I'm delighted that this is the case.

I don't know about you but I feel Primark and the likes are for the young. Yes I shop there occasionally but if I want to look good then I spend a bit more on something special. I do this for several reasons: I can afford it nowadays, I need a better fit and better quality fabric to make me look good, I don't buy unless I love it and it flatters me so I want it to last, I buy it because it makes me feel good.

And what's wrong with that? We do have to work harder as we get older. And we have earned the right to look good, to spend a bit of time and money on ourselves. Haven't we?

Please let me know what you want to read about. If you have any fashion queries please share them. If we don't have the answer then I'm sure one of you out there will!

Thank you for reading.
Laura x  

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Welcome to all of our customers, old and new. I hope you will find this Blog useful and informative. My aim is to talk about fashion - my love, and to share with you what's new and helpful in the complicated world of women's clothes.

We've had our shop for 7 years now and I've learnt so much in that time. My previous buying and retail experience was in Menswear - quite a different animal to womenswear! Like the men themselves, men's fashion was a delightfully straight forward affair. Even though I worked in men's "fashion" and bought the likes of Paul Smith, Diesel Jeans and Moschino, it was still easy. Men have 2 arms and 2 legs. There are a limited number of ways to clothe them: shirts, knits, trousers, jeans, suits. Yup, that's about it. And very grateful and well behaved they all were to be dressed at all.

Now women - there's another story! I hadn't realised until I started Therapy just how insecure we are about our bodies. Despite my own foibles and sensitivities, I still imagined that most women were simple...easy to men. How wrong I was.

And I'm pleased I was wrong. Because for all the drama and hard work involved in dressing women, I love it. It is a constant challenge and a constant satisfaction to find the perfect outfit for each unique woman. Great.

So I'm hoping to develop a dialogue with you all. I have always strived to offer you what you want. I'm a retailer by training as much as a fashion buyer and I was taught that we wouldn't exist without our customers. True.

I don't subscribe to the attitude of many "up market" fashion retailers. Like poor Julia Roberts in the film "Pretty Woman", we're made to feel inferior by women who are paid to serve us - disgraceful. Don't ever tolerate bad service. If people work with the public then their job is to serve them with a smile and with a willingness to do their job well. If you can't do that then go work in a lighthouse.

So our little shop Therapy is so named because we wanted it to be an oasis of calm and a place to come for some fun. I know it doesn't sound like good business sense but I want customers to visit us without feeling obliged to buy. I'd rather you came and enjoyed looking around than felt that you couldn't enter because you weren't spending.

Isn't half the fun of shopping the looking? The imagining? The choosing? More than half I'd say. 

I like to think of the yummy things we sell in Therapy as "neccessary luxuries". This is a phrase I coined for myself when trying to justify to Chris why I needed to pay £12 a bottle for my favourite Artful Teasing body lotion. (Try it ladies, I have never in my life had such soft skin). Anyway, I wanted him to understand that £12 was a neccessity for such a result. I'd rather scrimp on holidays and have soft skin.

Do you know what I mean? We all have things personal to us that we don't want to live without. For me it's paper tissues in every room (allergies) and Chanel lipstick, Twinings Lady Grey teabags and cashmere jumpers.

What are your favourites?

Shall I tell you?

NYDJ and FDJ jeans. You know the ones - that pull your tummy in and give you a smooth line and feel like a second skin they're so comfortable. Once you've worn a pair it's hard to go back to normal jeans.

Or what about Part Two knits from Denmark? We sell loads so I know how much you love them! I have umpteen and they wear so well.

Ah, one of my favourites although I don't wear them: Echo scarves from New York. You love them too. I have never seen such beautiful and clever colour combinations & designs. I want to frame them!

Now La Badia pumps from Florence - these really are best sellers. I'm trying to get Francesco, the owner of this family run business, to make us lots in basic colours so that you can all have them. Cross your fingers that he agrees.

Rachel Lovett jewellery - wow. Rachel's another local girl based in Sussex. Like me she worked for some big names in the fashion world before settling down to produce her own collection. She has a beautiful, vintage way with her and her necklaces and bracelets look like heirlooms. How she manages all of this at such a good price I'll never know. But I'm grateful that she does!

Avoca. I can't say that word without smiling. I love Avoca. I know I love lots of things, but Avoca makes me smile. A married couple - architects or lawyers or something - looked at the old original Avoca Handloom Mills in Kilmacanogue, Eire. They were going to convert it to live in but fell so in love with the heritage and romance of the place that they decided instead to resurrect it. They apply a fun and positive slant to everything they do and use humour too. We stock their dresses, scarves, wellies, homewares - yummy.

Oui? Oui! I've been looking at Oui from Germany for years but only bought it for Therapy 3 seasons ago. I'm glad I did! Yes this collection is at the top end of our price range but I think it's great value for money. I have some of their printed knits & tops and I always feel like a million dollars in them.

I'm hoping to tell you all about our Spring collections and feature key looks and styles here on our Blog. Please feel free to ask any questions or tell us if you're looking for anything special. I'll ask our staff and make sure we give you as useful an answer as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Laura x