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Saturday, 9 December 2017

A Wee Blast From The Past

Hello Ladies,

After a rather long day in the shop I was just scrolling through my blog in reverse and giving myself a wee pat on the back at some of the lovely clothes and enthusiasm I've produced over the last few years. When I got to the very bottom of my blog page I found this, the first thing I wrote when I was designing my Therapy blog page. I hope you'll agree that it still holds true:   


Why Spending Money on Clothes is Important!

Many of us have husbands and partners who have no idea why we enjoy shopping.
When we decided on a name for our shop, I came up with Therapy. When Chris asked me what I wanted our shop to be I said that I wanted it to be a place where women could come and relax and have a nice time, whether they were shopping or not.

Retail Therapy. Yes it's a modern-day buzz word. But it's also true. Shopping is therapeutic! Okay, it's still open to abuse and I have been pretty much a shopaholic in my time. (My husband would argue that I still am!) but everything in moderation, as they say...

So, shopping can offer some "me time" or time with girlfriends, or time with our mum, or a boost to our confidence when we're feeling low, or a celebration when we're feeling good.

Just as clothes say a lot about who we are and the persona we wish to present to the world, shopping gives us a sense of hope, a pause in our daily lives.

The best way to enjoy shopping is to do it mindfully. Like everything, shopping should be a pleasure, whatever the reasons. Not easy when you're up to your eyes in Sainsburys' Fruit & Veg aisle, but definitely possible when you're mooching around a cute little boutique with friends.

So next time your other half looks quizzical, tell him that you need a little Therapy!
Laura x
Aw, it makes me quite emotional to read this again after so many years. It reminds me of the hope and optimism that I felt all those years ago when I first happened upon our beloved Petworth and realised that I'd found my Brigadoon. 
And it also reminds me that I still feel the same way, because sometimes we need reminding of the good things that we have in our life: The people we love, the home that protects us, the community that nutures us, our body that does so much for us (even though we wish it a different shape!) Yes, all the things that make our life complete and that we so often take for granted. So here's to a loving and laughter-filled festive season and a new year filled with gratitude.
Love, Laura xx 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Have yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Hello Ladies, hohoho! Are you feeling festive yet? As you can see from the photos, I am!

This was Bess on November 27th - I like to plan ahead. Well, with the Petworth Christmas event taking place on the 2nd December this year I had to. But the idea is that we retailers transform the town early so that you can all enjoy our efforts and get in the mood in a gentle, beautiful way - rather than fighting the crowds on some boring high street. 

So I am in my element, I love Christmas and love to start my celebrations as early as possible because, let's face it, it's all over by Boxing Day. So I get my presents wrapped and my cards written asap so that I can devote my attentions to all of you lovely ladies (and a bit of socialising).
What do you think of this gorgeous blouse from Oui? It has Chinese dragons on it and makes a change from traditional red. But as you can see in the photo below, red is right on trend this season so we have plenty of variations on this rich and flattering colour! 
So our late night shopping event was a great success with more stalls than ever in the Christmas Market and loads of you supporting the town, thank you. 

But I have an extra Christmas event on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December. 
Last year we started a new Therapy Christmas tradition: On this weekend we will be donating 10% of our takings to The Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice. 
After our contribution last year I was invited to visit the hospice to see the amazing work that they do. It was a real priviledge to see first hand the difference that this charity makes and we will continue to support them every Christmas.
Our Christmas shelves are a little depleted this year - but this is mostly because the rest of the shop is filled with loads of yummy presents! This year's most popular gifts have been our Tantrend faux fur tippets in various sizes and colours; our gorgeous Amazing Woman knits, our handmade Owen Barry leather bags and our unusual Tantrend jewellery. 

And as for what your giving as gifts to yourselves: Our Amazing Woman cord jeans are flying out the door - teamed with one of their fabulous knits of course!

So it just remains for me to wish you all the very merriest of Christmasses and here's to a healthy and happy 2018.
Love, Laura x  

Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Perfect Trousers For This Autumn

Hello Ladies! Autumn has blown in with Storm Brian and we are definitely thinking about our cold-weather wardrobes. As I dressed yesterday in my new favourite cropped black jersey trousers it reminded me that here at Therapy we have a fine selection of shapes and sizes in these:
From left to right we have my favourite Part Two crops; a Part Two evening trouser with fluted hem; Lysee tummy flattening leggings & NYDJ straight leg trousers.

Last week a customer asked me about our "grey tracksuit bottoms with the elasticated waist". Another customer's husband was watching as I looked askance. "I don't know what you're talking about, we don't sell trackie bottoms here!" I exclaimed.

And we don't...but we do...She was referring to our Lysee leggings - sleek, tummy flattening, stretchy and perfect to wear under knee high boots for an elegant (but oh sooo comfortable) day or evening look. "Trackie bottoms for the discerning woman".

Stretch black jersey is the perfect winter fabric: It always looks smart, feels comfortable and will take you anywhere. After years of skinny jeans preventing me from wearing my beloved cowboy boots, my black jersey crops have now given them a new (elegant) lease of life. Teamed with a simple statement knit or top and a practical, fun scarf I felt well put together and as comfortable as if I were in my pyjamas!
Of course I wouldn't want you to think that we'd given up on skinny jeans or colour so here is a wee photo of my favourite layered look plus some others of the new Autumn stock to get you in the mood for breezy walks & lazy lunches with your family and friends:
And just a reminder that you too can look like one of our crazy, fluffy Jellycat birds in these Rino & Pelle pompom hats. What fun!

So wrap up warmly, look great and feel comfortable this Winter - we make it easy!

Laura xx  

Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Blustery Spring!

Hello Ladies! I'm emerging finally from my Winter hibernation. Not literally of course (what a delightful thought) but metaphorically I feel as if I am breaking out of the gloom into the light - just like these beautiful flowers that I'm enjoying on my morning dog walks. 

This is my favourite time of year in Therapy: The remnants of our Sale have been banished to our basement and the fresh, new Spring collections are flooding through the doors, brightening our mood and infusing the shop with colour and freshness.

I hope you'll agree that Therapy is looking bright and perky in her new Spring colours. We have two new clothing collections for you this season. Unintentionally they both hail from The Netherlands but, like Part Two from Denmark, the Dutch style and proportions seem to be particularly in tune with us Brits. 

The first is SANDWICH. This is a fantastic co-ordinates collection that I have been keen to stock since we first opened thirteen years ago. "All things come to she who waits"! I've always loved this range and my patience has been rewarded because we've had a wonderfully enthusiastic response from you too. 

The second collection is called ZILCH. Chris spotted it in a trade magazine and thought it looked "very Therapy". I have learnt over the years to trust my husband's judgement, after all this is the man who brought NYDJ jeans to Petworth! Zilch is a lovely family business featuring flattering, well priced dresses and separates in viscose & modal jersey (that's yarn made from Eucalyptus and Bamboo - cool, breatheable & easy care). I'm thrilled with the dresses which are sooo flattering on you lovely customers - perfect.

Yes that's right - the new La Badia Spring colours have arrived! In a break from tradition only the sky blue and mint green pumps are suede, the other colours are in beautifully soft nappa leather. Now I've always avoided choosing leather over suede because it doesn't have the same instant appeal, but I think it's time that we embrace nappa leather! It will soften and mould to your feet in the same way as suede but will be harder wearing and easier to maintain. I'll let you all "talk with your feet" and see if I'm right!

Well as usual it's all or nothing with me - you wait four months for some Therapy news and then I bombard you with information! Still I hope that you're as excited about Spring as we are. I'm guessing that you are from the number of you who've already been in to look at and buy the new collections. Thank you! 
Love, Laura x

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Autumn Colours Are Nature's Jewels!

Hello Ladies!

I know, I know it's been too long! Like you all I've been busy over the summer with life and finding every excuse not to sit down and apply myself. And why not?! It's been much more fun to be out and about and engaging with you all!

But now Autumn is upon us and I'm feeling in a more reflective mood. Now I'm in the mood for snuggling. And judging by what you lovely ladies are purchasing from Therapy's Autumn collections, you are too.

   We've been selling lots of  soft and snuggly knits, velvet jeans from Amazing Woman in  every colour from on-trend orange to go-with-everything taupe. Toni Pons have done themselves proud once again and we have boots of all kinds from flat and furry to chic and wedge heeled - but all of them super comfortable - because we discerning women of a certain age demand comfort and style in all things!

Now what do you think of this yummy teddy bear coat? Isn't it fab?! I know you love it because I sold out of the first delivery. I've managed to get two more but I don't suppose they'll last long. Never fear though - I have some other delicious fake fur creations from Rino&Pelle so do pop in and take a look.   

And haven't we been lucky with the weather this year?! I think this is the most colourful Autumns we've had for a long time. I love layering up my clothes and swishing about with Bess in Petworth Park. Recently I've been taking my binoculars with me so that I can have a close up view of the magnificent stags and the glowing Autumn leaves - bliss.

Yes I'm counting my blessings and looking forward to getting my wear out of my yummy winter wardrobe over the coming months - perfect!

In store we have not only a shop full of gorgeous clothes but a full compliment of lovely staff headed up by our fully fit and newly promoted Ann Harper - congratulations Ann! We are joined by Yvonne Rowe who some of you may know from Jaeger. We're delighted to welcome Yvonne and her stylish ways into the Therapy family along with young Charley Jefford who is shaping up nicely in her role of Saturday Girl now that Dani is off studying law at Exeter University. Lovely!

So all in all we at Therapy have lots to celebrate and I hope you will all be joining in the celebrations with us this season.

We look forward to welcoming you into our bounteous emporium!

Laura x

Friday, 13 May 2016

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

A few weeks ago Chris treated Bess and me to a stay at Bailiffscourt Hotel at Climping. If you're not familiar with it then take a look at their website. It is a wonderful collection of old buildings set in beautiful grounds and only a few minutes walk from Climping beach. The staff are warm, the food is sublime and they are not just "dog friendly" they love dogs. 

The three of us spent many happy hours on the beach with Bess splashing in the sea. Back in April the weather was still "bracing" but despite this we still returned to the hotel uplifted and energised. (At which point Bess discovered the resident Peacock and spent the rest of our stay eagerly searching for it from our bedroom window - see above!)

And now we have had a glimpse of summer and our wee family has been back to the beach enjoying the ozone & the sparkling sea. A day out to the seaside is a special treat but at Therapy we are inspired by all things nautical! So even when you're tied to your desk you can carry the spirit of the seaside with you.
Since we had a burst of warm weather we've had a run on our fab Toni Pons espadrilles - help! Happily TP in Spain have come to our rescue and are sending out the missing sizes in our best-selling styles. They'll be arriving next week so don't leave it too long to stock up on your summer shoes. This is a new style for us & proving very popular - not too high, made from cool linen, designed to stay firmly on your feet and only £50!

NYDJ have once again excelled with their skinny ankle jeans in lots of colours (not skinny at all, just the perfect fit & length) and their linen/tencel mix stretch trousers which look amazingly flattering and are a nice antedote to the skinny silhouette.

And for proper "nautical" we have an abundance of stripes and fresh navy/white combos to keep you looking effortlessly chic. Add a pair of NYDJ linen trousers & your biggest sunglasses and channel Katherine Hepburn or Coco Chanel...ok, so I seem to end up more Popeye - but I think that's just me!

But that's enough for now - what am I doing on my computer when I could be outside in the sunshine dreaming of the sand between my toes?! 
Enjoy the sunshine ladies & we'll see you soon!
Laura x

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Calling All Easter Chicks!


Happy Easter to all you gorgeous chicks!

I've no doubt that you will all be running around after husbands and children, cooking, cleaning, entertaining guests and wondering just what is so relaxing about this "Bank Holiday Weekend"!

Well perhaps you can escape for a brief moment and join us at Therapy for a wee glass of Easter fizz, some illicit chocolate eggs and a therapeutic browse round our delicious Spring collections.

I know the weather forecast is looking fairly typical for a Bank Holiday weekend - i.e. rain - but we'll have the heating up, the soothing music on and will welcome you with a smile. 

I'm delighted to say that you are all loving our new shoes (see below if you haven't already been in to drool) and you're starting to think that Spring is on its way. So be kind to yourselves and sneak off for a little "you time" this Easter.

Therapy will be open on Good Friday from 10am to 4pm and on Easter Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm. We'll be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday because I'll be in my pjs, watching old movies with a G&T and a pile of chocolate eggs!

Wishing you all a very happy Easter and here's to sunshine and long days!

Laura xx

PS: just a few glimpses of our yummy collections to help tempt you in...