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Monday, 8 September 2014

September Song

Hello Ladies,

It was with a light heart that I banished the remains of our summer sale to the basement of Therapy last Tuesday. Not because I was wishing away the sunshine, but because I couldn't wait to hide away the odds and ends and have the chance to merchandise the lovely new Autumn stock. Ah the joy of a full size run, the array of fresh colours, the crisp fresh rails where everything matches and blends perfectly.

I was nervous. I'm always nervous when the new stock comes in. What if I've got it wrong? What if none of my customers like it? What if I'm finally found out?! 

I am reliably informed by one of my favourite books (Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon) that this is known as "imposter syndrome". Leon writes: "The clinical definition is a 'psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalise their accomplishments.' It means that you feel like a phony, like you really don't have any idea what you're doing. Guess what: None of us do." 

Phew, that's a relief. 

I spent my childhood dressing my dolls in home made clothes and now I spend my adulthood dressing my customers. I'm still playing! No wonder I worry about being found out. Work's supposed to be the serious stuff we do in order to support us in our leisure - you know - the fun stuff. But I have fun every day!

Taking back the full time running of Therapy this last nine months has been a revelation. In actually doing the daily work I have remembered why I created our wee shop in the first place. All the personal dramas that distracted me in the past have subsided and I am free to enjoy the process.

My friend Jeanette has renamed me Fanny, because I am always fannying around. Whenever she drops by the shop I am fiddling and folding and rearranging and cleaning - and totally happy. I took my pedometer into work one day and by closing time I had clocked up two miles!

I watched a brilliant documentary on BBC 4 the other night: You've Got A Friend: The Carole King Story. Amazing - watch it on BBC iPlayer if you missed it. Apart from her astounding genius as a singer songwriter, what came across was her total joy in what she does - it shone out of her! Tapestry went straight on Therapy's CD player the following day.

Do what you love / love what you do - and you'll do it well. A cliche? Yes. True? Yes! After years of behaving like a tortured artist, never feeling good enough, feeling like a phoney, I've finally realised that being content, having fun and trusting my instincts is a far more relaxing way to live my life. As my mum used to say: "It'll all be the same in a hundred years" so we might as well be happy right now.

So after I had finished carting the sale residue downstairs, and merchandising the new stock in its place, and having a wee panic, I laughed at myself and decided to have faith in my choices and enjoy them as, happily, you all seem to be.

I've put some new photos on the right hand side of this page -I hope you like what you see. There are still summer bargains in the basement if you're off on a last minute summer jaunt. And most of all - Ann and I are always happy to see you, buying or not. You are what brings our work to life. 

Thank you!
Laura x