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Monday, 30 April 2012


So do you love yours or hate yours? Do you find the experience of buying them heaven or hell or have you just given up completely?!?!

I had given up buying jeans years ago as my body is just the wrong shape for them, I have a small waist for my hip size, I have an hourglass figure! But now 9 times out of 10 you will find me wearing jeans! Did I have liposuction, go on a drastic starvation diet or keep going to the gym constantly? NO.

'Therapy' started to stock NYDJ and FDJ jeans which are made for women with a curvy figure! So I figured I had nothing to lose but try a pair and see how I got on! Well first of all I had to get my head around the idea that you have to take at least a size smaller than you really are for these jeans to work!! To work, what could that mean??

NYDJ and FDJ have four way stretch and they hold your stomach in and lift your bottom up!! They are miracle workers!!

Well I am a fan and will not wear any other jeans, as the saying goes 'does exactly what it says on the tin'. It does feel a little strange at first because you really do have to struggle to do the zip up, I broke a fingernail the first time I put mine on. But after about 20 minutes you can feel them giving around the waist and the top of the leg and moulding to your body and you do forget that you have them on. And they do make you look a size smaller!! They are miracle workers! I honestly thought I would never find a pair of jeans that would fit me let alone look and feel so good!!! I am a convert!!

When buying any jeans you do have to give yourself plenty of time, do not rush it as you will invariably end up with the wrong size. With the NYDJ and FDJ this is even more important as the fitting is the most time consuming part of getting the right pair. We have been selling these jeans for about 4 years now and we know from experience that for NYDJ and FDJ virgins you need at least an hour for us to fit you correctly. We may come across as being a bit bossy when we are fitting you but as we sell them everyday and we wear them ourselves we do know how much they give and what they should look like when first put on. At the end of the day we want you to go out with the correct size and knowing that you will look fab whenever you wear them. They are not the cheapest of jeans so we really do want you to get the right size first time!

Once you've tried them you will not want to wear any others. Of course they do not suit everyone but do not be disheartened because we do keep other makes of jeans that suit other shapes. So why not pop in when you've got time a good trying on session and see what we can do for you and your jeans!!!!

Monday, 23 April 2012


So we've got another week of 'April Showers' on the way. And what we all really want is some lovely warm weather so we can get out of our Winter clothes that we are all throughly bored of wearing, and into our scrummy summer clothes!! Well at 'Therapy' we have a solution for you......LAYERING!!! Us Brits as a nation do not do the layering look very well, it's not something we think of doing, but just take a look at our chic European cousins, they have it down to a fine art. It's a good way to wear your summer clothes before the weather is really ready for them and you get to inject some fun and vitality into your wardrobe! At 'Therapy' we buy Part Two and Jackpot which are both Scandinavian companies who have done layering for years! You can wear that little linen sleeveless top, just pop a long sleeved t-shirt underneath it and a light weight knit over the top and bobs your uncle! Even a linen dress works well with layering, a pair of jeans or jeggings underneath and worn with the said t-shirt and little knit or jacket and the problem is solved! If you do not feel confident enough to try this look for the first time without a little guidance we are happy to do a 'Gok Wan' on you ( rest assured we will not make you strip off completely!!). If you are confident with the whole layering look we have loads of fab clothes that make the job easy.So hurry down to 'Therapy' in Petworth so you can start wearing those lovely summer clothes even if it does feel like February outside. In 'Therapy' at the moment we have an offer on our Part Two t-shirts, if you buy a top and a long sleeved t-shirt together the price of the long sleeved t-shirt will be £20 instead of £25! I've put a few layering ideas in the window this week, so if you're passing have a look, pop in and have a chat or let us put something together for you! Roll on the warmer weather! I suppose the perfect solution in a perfect world would be sunny and warm during the day and for it to pour with rain at night! Then everyone would be happy!! Take care.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Our Nancy Mac dresses have just arrived in store today, so hurry on down if you don't want to miss out, they are absolutely fab..........


Well Easter has come and gone in a flash and I am now a Gran to twins, born 4 weeks premature!! Oh my god how did that happen, it only seems 5 minutes ago that my son was a little boy, surely he's not old enough to be a father to a daughter and a son!!! All seems to be going well and they both my son and daughter-in-law seem to be very laid back about everything, but oh how times staying in hospital for a week, even after a c-section and the babies being prem!!!! No bathing for the babies for at least 5 days after they are born, I remember the nurses bathed the baby the day after they were born and then you had to do it with them watching before you left hospital!!! You can pick them up even if they are sleeping! And you can take them out as soon as you want no staying indoors until the babies at 2 weeks old! I really think I must be getting you think policemen are looking younger!!!!!
Well enough of babies and getting old! As the weather has been so dull I've put some cheery colours in the window this week.....

I am trying to do this on my iPad for the first time,I have taken the photos on the iPad camera but can get them from wherever they are onto the blog? The answer a big fat NO!!!
Well I'll just have to ask a 4 year old how to do it!!!!
If you would like to know what I've put in the window I'm afraid you'll have to make a visit to lovely Petworth and come and have a look!!
Looking forward to seeing you all. We've had loads of fabulous new clothes in so it's worth giving yourself plenty of time so you can have a good mooch and rummage!!

Take care.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

BIG ARMS......

I've got big arms and I hate them.......

Big arms are the bane of this nation, not that the nation seems to give a damn. Women unashamedly baring huge arms that need to be covered continually confront us,though I do try to cover mine as much as possible! Do not lay the blame at their feet, it's the manufacturers who should be shot for not knowing their market. They are hell-bent on mass-producing tops and dresses with no sleeves and these in turn are the ones photographed for the magazines. My upper arms could feed a family of six and I find the lack of sleeves depressing!! What the hell are we supposed to wear in the summer??

Some simple guidelines to follow.....

Never wear cap sleeves or a sleeveless vest(unless it's for gardening), these just make your arms look bigger.
Try wearing three-quarter length sleeves as these hide the top of the arms but show off the delicate wrist area.

No puff sleeves or halternecks, both will accentuate the tops of the arms.
Try and find long sleeve blouses with a floaty cuff as these add a touch of delicacy to big arms. Or even go for a small puff on the shoulder seam as these tend to have roomier armholes.

And do not even think about wearing spaghetti straps on a dress or a sleeveless shift dress, these just make your arms look ginormous!!
Instead try and go for fluted sleeves, the more exaggerated the better, think bootleg on a heavier thigh!I know it will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack! So when you find that dress let me know as I will want to get one too!

The thing is that in the summer I want to wear the least amount of clothes possible to keep cool, so the last thing I want to be doing is putting a cardi on top of something to cover my arms, I just get too hot! So come on you designers out there listen to real women with real bodies and make what we want to buy!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


What a change in the weather from last week, we were basking in the warm sunshine of summer and now we appear to be back in Winter! Oh I know why it's gone back to Winter, it's the Easter Holidays and all the children are at home!!! On the subject of Easter are any of you lucky enough to be going away for a few days, if you are we hope you all have a fab time. If by any chance you end up with a hangover here's a little tip......if you know you are going to have a late one with a few too many drinks, prepare for the pain by taking two aspirin before you go out and two more before you go to bed, along with a Berocca in water. Take some almonds with you to eat on the way. They line the stomach. This simple formula will help to cushion the pain of a throbbing hangover. For bloodshot eyes, use Eyedew. Eat a handful of parsley stalks in the morning to take away your dragon's breath. ( Courtesy of Trinny and Susannah).
Whatever you will all be doing over the Easter break let's hope we do not get any snow, though the children would enjoy making snowmen as well as hunting for Easter Eggs!!!

This weeks window reflects the fact that it has got a little cooler with some fab knits, soft cardi/coats and fab bamboo scarves......

 Oui cotton and cashmere cardigan in light grey and pink
Oui botanical print top in white and pink
Oui skinny jeans in bright pink
Echo scarf in bright pink

 Oui butterfly stripe top in green and blue
Oui stripe jersey jacket in blue and white
NYDJ straight leg jeans in white

Tru Luxe skinny crop jeans in light indigo
Jackpot floral blouse in blue
Jackpot tape knit in white
Echo scarf in blue

New into the shop this week is a new brand of jeans called Tru Luxe, they are from America, Laura discovered them when she was on holiday over there. The fit is fab and the denim is so soft. They have a bit of bling on the back pockets but that is what they are know for!!! So come and have a trying on session and tell us what you think.
Don't forget that our sizes go very quickly.

Happy Easter !