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Monday, 14 November 2011

An Early Christmas Present from Us to You!

Hello Ladies,
I nearly forgot to let you know in all the excitement! On Saturday 12th November we started a week long promotion. Wait until you hear this:

25% off everything!!

It's our early Christmas present to you. And a thank you to you all for your patience while we were toying with the idea of leaving Therapy & this beautiful town of Petworth behind.

From Saturday 12th November
Saturday 19th November

We thought it would be nice for you all to be able to treat yourselves before December comes and you have to focus on everyone else!

The promotion got off to a great start on Saturday, with our customers buying lots of the yummy things they've been coveting all season (and a bit of Christmas shopping too.)

Sorry for the delay in posting this bit of important news. But there's still another 5 days left for you to come in and treat yourselves!

Think about it: Your chance to buy that beautiful Avoca coat, or a fresh pair of La Badia pumps, or a sparkly frock for Christmas!

Therapy was buzzing on Saturday and it was a real treat for me to see so many of our lovely customers. So why don't you come along and say hello and join in the fun?!

Chris & I are delighted to be staying in beautiful Sussex and are looking forward to a fun Festive Season. This is our thank you to you.

See you all soon & much love,
Laura x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Brrrr! Autumn is here!

Having just recently returned from sunny Australia, I think I'm in shock! Now, I hear that the sun shone while we were away - so you must all be equally unsettled by the onset of winter.

But have no fear! Even though it's nasty outside, we at Therapy are always ready with a warm shop and a warm welcome.

Have you unpacked your winter clothes? I was looking at the longterm weather forecast, and it seems we're in for another chilly one.

Well if you're in need of some winter woolies, do come and see us. We're about to start another Pashmina & Knitwear promotion. Spend over £100 on one of our lovely, cosy knits and we'll give you a beautiful pashmina worth £39 for free! Can't say fairer than that. Keep it for yourself if you're feeling the chill - or save it for a loved one for Christmas.

Here are some of my favourites. This beautiful blue knitted coat is dreamy - soft and light and so warm. I was very tempted to have one for myself - but I've decided that you deserve it more! And if you fancy something a bit sparkly to see you through the coming celebrations, then how about one of these cute cardigans?

You know how we love knitwear at Therapy - easy to wear and easycare - perfect for us busy women. The examples here are only a tiny percentage of our selection so please pay us a visit and see & feel for yourselves all the yummy knits on offer.

I do however owe our cashmere customers an apology. I was badly let down by a new supplier this winter - and so have let you down also. I know many of you have been asking for the lovely Repeat cashmere from Switzerland. I confess I decided to try an alternative when the price of their cashmere rocketed. That'll teach me!! I promise to sort it out for next year and hope that you will all forgive me.

While I'm in apologetic mood:

I am sorry that we ever considered abandoning beautiful Petworth and our loyal customers for a life of cowboys and horses in Montana. I am claiming temporary insanity and promise faithfully that we are now happily staying put!

I've thought of lots of lovely ways to say thank you to you all - so keep an eye on this Blog and your emails for some great events in the run up to Christmas.

Thank you & lots of love,
Laura x