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Friday, 22 February 2013


Well ladies as I sit here it's trying to snow and ( excuse my language ) it's bloody cold !!!!!!

But we're nearly there.....this time next week it will be March !!!!! Yippee !!!!!!!

And then we'll get those lovely soft Spring days with blue skies and soft billowy clouds. The Daffodils will be out in full force with their burst of sunshine yellow brightening and lifting our hearts!!!! Oh the promise of things to come.....bliss !!!!!!!

On my last blog I wrote about the roadworks and the chaos it was causing !!! But we were all pleased when last week the contractors came round to all the shops to let us know that they were finished two weeks ahead of schedule and the roads were going to be back to normal for the weekend....hurrah !!!!! How often do you hear of works being finished early ????? Hardly ever !!!!

I hope all you lovely ladies with little ones have had a good Half Term week, at least the weather has been dry, if a little cold, so you could get out and about rather than have them running riot indoors !!!!! I remember those days well.

Tomorrow we have the fab Farmers Market in town, a good opportunity to get lovely local cheese, flour, plants, fish, pies, wooden goods and so much more !!! And if you get cold you can come and warm up in our shop while browsing at all the scrummy new things we've had in........

We've just had our famous Toni Pons shoes delivered !!! And we've added some new styles this year, which are divine!! Our La Badia pumps are due in next week !!!!! Also just delivered and ready for the weekend a wonderful new scarf range for us by Jo Edwards. She is renowned for her exquisite embroidery and use of colour, you just have to come and have a look !!!! And ladies as I said in my last blog you can wear all those lovely Spring clothes you see in the shops, you just have to layer them!!! We're here to help if you're not too sure about how to achieve the look!!!

Laura and I are going to be starting on a big adventure by re-launching our website!!!! Keep an eye open for it as its going to be great !!! Lots of hard work on our part, but fun at the same time!!!

Take care and keep warm


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