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Monday, 25 June 2012


So here I am, it's Monday again and I just don't know where the last week has gone! I've been sitting here now for about ten minutes trying to think of what to write about this week and I'm coming up with zilch! I've had a busy morning changing everything in the windows and on the mannequins in the shop, then it was lunch and now it's 3 o'clock and my mind is blank, I think I must have used up all of today's brain cells. And on top of that I've got my first yoga class tonight, I just hope I don't fall asleep in it. Life is just too busy sometimes! Lets take a look at my coming week....

Tomorrow I'm into work until 12.30pm, then I have to dash home grab a bite to eat, catch the 1.20pm train to Portsmouth for an interview for my passport at 3.00pm, my very first one, as we are off to Rome and Florence in October. Hope it doesn't take too long as I have to get back home sharpish to cook tea early as my husband has got a group of 20 people for a talk and tour around the gardens at 6.45pm!!!!!!!!

Wednesday we are off on a buying trip to London at 8.30am,this is for Spring/Summer 2013!!!! When we get back later that afternoon I then have food shopping to do as my husband and one of my stepsons are off to the Goodwood Festival of Speed for four days. I need to be back in time for said stepson to arrive to stay for 3 days!!!

Thursday a brief respite of a day at work! Bliss! But said husband and stepson would have got up at 6.00am to get off bright and early to the FOS. So before work it's take the 3 dogs out for a walk and feed them and the 3 cats! Shower, dry hair etc. Take the dogs to the person looking after them for the day.

Friday is another buying trip to London with the added jobs of Thursday as second day of FOS!!!

Saturday is my day off this week but shall have all the house cleaning, washing, dog walking, food shopping etc to do.

So all in all it's no wonder the weeks fly by and I have no brain cells left.

But needless to say Therapy is still here and looking as wonderful as ever with loads of scrummy clothes, shoes, jewellery, handbags and gifts for you to buy. So while your husbands or boyfriends are at the FOS come and spend some 'you' time with us. Petworth has some fantastic shops and lots of fab cafes, restaurants and delis for you to refuel at. It really is well worth a visit. Petworth is the place to take life at a slower pace and relax.

Look forward to meeting you all.

Monday, 18 June 2012


So we are now in the middle of June and the season starts for the likes of Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley, Glyndebourne, Glourious Goodwood,Weddings, Parties and not forgetting the Olympics! So if you are looking for the perfect outfit, you need look no further than Therapy! We have some wonderful dresses in from Nancy Mac, who are based in East Sussex, which you will feel a million dollars in and really make heads turn! I have put a few of their wonderful creations in the window this week, just to give you all a little taster of what we have to offer, so come on in a have a little trying on session with us.......

Nancy Mac Trista 40's Dress in Poppy

Nancy Mac Ciara Butterfly Shift Dress in Indigo
Nancy Mac Evie Long Cardi in Rose

Nancy Mac Alessa 50's Dress in Rosetti
Nancy Mac Evie Long Cardi in Jade

Monday, 11 June 2012


Where oh where is the Summer? This is supposed to be 'Flaming June'! I'm really fed up with this weather now and I'm someone who doesn't like the Summer! Come on give us a break and let's have some sun and blue skies! And for longer than a week please! I haven't even put away my Winter clothes yet and the majority of my Summer clothes are wondering why they haven't seen the light of day yet! Well this week I am determined to get all my Winter clothes packed away and am confident that when I have done that the sun is going to show it's face for the rest of the Summer!!! So with that in mind here are some tips for those of you who will be doing the same job as me this week....



Ideally any repairs that need doing should be done before you put your boots away for the Summer! Another good tip is to coat them in polish, but do not rub it off, as the polish feeds and protects the leather during the Summer months. Another must is to store them with wooden boot trees or stuffed with newspaper in the foot and plastic trees for the legs,as this keeps them in good shape and stops horrible creases around the ankles!


Leather shoes that get a lot of wear will benefit from being stored for the Summer with untreated shoe trees. Untreated shoe trees will absorb sweat and dampness from the leather but plastic or varnished shoe trees are not absorbent. If your shoes have a watermark line on the leather, rub it with a cut potato and then polish to remove the mark. Hairspray will take pen marks out of leather items.


Hats can be stored one inside the other with the widest brim at the bottom inside a big hatbox. Be very vigilant for moths as they love felt and fur hats! If a hat gets out of shape, reshape it over the steam from a kettle.


Shave bobbles off knitwear with a sharp razor or buy one of those special battery operated de-bobbling gadgets. Handwash your cashmere before storing for the Summer, I find dry cleaning it can make it go hard! The best way to get excess water out after washing is to roll it up in a towel and press down on it really hard and then to dry flat. If you add a capful of vinegar to your final rinse for woollens it will make them more fluffy!


Remember to put your bras inside the leg of an old stocking before you pop them into the washing machine, as this protects them from being twisted. Underwired bras are finished with little plastic caps, so don't wash or dry on high temperatures as the caps will melt and the wires will poke through the fabric!


If you store your clothes by hanging rather than storing flat, remember to use the correct hanger for the garment. It is always a good idea to store all knitwear flat, hanging will cause stretching and the shoulders to become misshapen, if you must hang then use a padded hanger. For coats and jackets use hangers with wide, shaped shoulders. For heavy skirts try and use padded clip hangers as these will not make horrible marks on the fabric. For suits always use a proper suit hanger with padded clips.

I know all this seems a lot of trouble to go to but your clothes will always look better if they are stored correctly. And also if you have spent a lot of money on something you want it to last!

So next week will be sunshine all round!!!!!! Here's hoping!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


So we've had the 'Diamond Jubilee' long weekend and may I just say wasn't it the most wonderful,uplifting,proud to be British, tear in the eye, wow moment we've had for a long time. And The Queen so deserved all the attention she was given, what a wonderful woman.

Petworth got into the spirit of the moment with every shop decked out in Red, White and Blue. We had two windows all patriotic with flags, bunting and all the mannequins wearing Red, White and Blue! If you missed us looking so good I'm leaving them in for another week, so pop along and have a look. The Party in the Square on Sunday was a great success and the weather even stayed fine. There was singing, dancing, children's entertainment,an old fashioned carousel, fun and laughter, Willie Austin and picnics galore! Where were you?

As we are now in the mood to keep this festive fun feeling going for the rest of the summer I have found a few things going on in Petworth that you might want to come and be part of......

Sunday 10th June, Petworth Park, 'Spot the Spaniel' this is an invitation to anyone who has a Spaniel to come and have a fun day in the park where there will be all things Spaniel going on, non Spaniels are more than welcome. Normal grounds admission price.

Sunday 17th June, 2-6pm, Petworth Town, 'Petworth Secret Gardens'. This is a must, if you haven't done it before you must. You just wouldn't believe the gardens that are hidden behind the houses in Petworth, some you wouldn't even think had a garden. They are stunning! And every time I've done it the weather has been glourious! Tickets are £5, and this price gets you into all of the gardens.

Monday 2nd July - Sunday 8th July, 'Independents Week'. This is a week for celebrating all the wonderful independent shops in Petworth. Last year was the first year it was held and it was a great success. With all the publicity that Mary Portas has had about independent shops please come along during that week to see what Petworth and ourselves have to offer!

'PETWORTH FESTIVAL' 12th July - 28th July. Not to be missed, but tickets are selling very quickly for all the various events that are going on, so get on the phone, the computer or pop into the box office. The Festivals reputation is growing each year and is definitely one to put on your calendar for next year!

Saturday 14th July, Petworth Park, 'Fete in the Park' this kicks off the Petworth Festival and is lots of fun.

Monday 16th July, 'The Olympic Torch' comes to Petworth!!!!! A once in a lifetime experience! Check out the local paper or the Olympic website to see the route and times. But Petworth is going to be buzzing. Get those flags out again and come and cheer, shout and have some fun. Afterwards there is plenty to do in Petworth and lots of lovely cafes to have a well deserved cuppa and a cake. And then lots of wonderful shops to look around!

So that's just a taste of what we have to offer for the next couple of months, I haven't even mentioned August and September! So let's keep the feel good factor going!!!!!

Next time you're in town do pop in and see us and have a good mooch about as we've had loads of fantastic new clothes in!

Take care.