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Monday, 25 April 2011

Swimsuit Shopping

I went swimsuit shopping in my local high street last week. What a depressing experience!

With an imminent trip to France looming large, I decided to bite the bullet and find a suitable garment to cover and flatter my winter-white flesh.

I started in a well known chain, picking up a few reasonable styles in what I considered to be a reasonable size. Well, either I have a completely distorted and overly optimistic perception of myself, or the designers are having a laugh - and at my expense.

My first choice was a cheeky sailor style one piece. At least that's what it looked like on the hanger. Once on it became a Tarzan leotard, the neck reaching to my midriff and flattening my bust so that I resembled Borat in his Mankini.

The next two piece barely covered my extremities. Struggling in and out of various ill-fitting garments in the full and unflattering glare of fluorescent strips, curtain flapping and sweat rising, is not my idea of a pleasurable time.

Eventually I found a reasonably priced, reasonably shaped one piece in a size larger than I'd like to admit. But it fitted, and what have I advised about buying garments that fit regardless of size? This polka dot swimsuit had moulded cups, a long enough body and made me look more Jessica Rabbit than circus strongman. At last, a result.

The whole experience was endured as a necessary evil, the costume languishing in its carrier bag still. And it got me thinking about the environment we offer at Therapy.

Our aim is to provide comfortable, functional changing facilities. I believe our lighting is pleasant and illuminating and leaves you feeling confident. Louise, Ann and I always aim to be on hand to offer advice and search out possible alternatives if you're having a Tarzan moment.

My unpleasant experience left me reminded of why we started Therapy: To offer a friendly, enjoyable shopping experience - right down to the trying on. 

I hope you agree. If you don't then I'd love to hear your suggestions.
Laura x

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine days

A huge apology to all of you who’ve made the effort to look at our Therapy blog and found nothing new since March!
Those of you who know our business will know that we closed our shoe shop at the end of March. Don’t panic though - we still have out best-selling La Badia ballet pumps from Florence and a fantastic range of espadrilles from Spain which we’re selling from our original and best shop in Golden Square.
It’s been a long winter and a hard road for us from deciding to close to actually clearing out  the shop ready for a new tenant. Up until now we’ve always managed to transform areas that haven’t worked into something else. So it was with some sadness that I have been packing away the remains of our lovely shoe shop and saying goodbye to what was.
But Spring is all about new beginnings and Easter is all about transformation, and I for one am now feeling very positive about the future. Now that we are back to one shop, we are able to focus wholly on what we do best and hopefully offer our customers an undiluted Therapy experience.
And how blissful this Spring weather has been! The sun shines and everyone relaxes and blossoms. Throwing off our winter boots for strappy sandals has put me and everyone I’ve met in Therapy into a buoyant mood. Finally we can purchase our new summer clothes knowing we can enjoy them immediately.
And what better way to celebrate Easter and the upcoming Royal Wedding than with something new to wear. I’ve chosen some lovely tops from Oui. I confess this collection has become a firm favourite of mine. I just love the way that every piece is full of embellishment or quirky prints or beautiful yarns - doing all the work and allowing me just to throw them on and forget about what I’m wearing.
I’m going to treat myself to some Toni Pons espadrilles too. For under £70 you can choose from pretty, practical flats to sexy peep-toe heels - and so comfortable!
As usual I say too much. I’ll stop talking and you can all come and visit us instead.
See you soon!
Laura x