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Thursday, 7 March 2013


Yes our famous LA BADIA suede pumps from Florence are here. We have four new stunning colours for the Spring/Summer season.

A mouthwatering Green, a sunny Orange, a cool Pale Blue/Jade and a very good neutral Tan.

We also have our full range of our new Noa Noa shoes in. The Gold dancing shoes would be particularly good for all those Summer weddings, parties, and get togethers. And the Ruffle wedge is so cute and pretty, the pale mushroom colour looks so good with everything, I can assure you that you won't want to wear any other shoes!!! We also have the stunning Silver baseball boot, they are heavenly. The process they put them through means that the more you wear them the more vintage they will look, scrummy.

It's time to dig those summer shoes out from the back of the wardrobe and under the bed and have a good old look at them. Are they looking their best??? Are they looking a little tired??? Should they be relegated to only be worn when gardening???? Did they make your feet hurt??? Or are you just fed up with them!!!!

So why don't you pop in and feast your eyes on our wonderful array of shoes!!!

I mustn't forget to mention the Toni Pons shoes that you all loved last year!! We have them again this year in more styles and colours!! Yippee!!!!

Sorry that my blog is not that long today but I have a stinking cold and my brain doesn't want to work!!! You would think that now it's March and Spring is here that colds etc would all just go away, but no, and god knows where I got mine from!!! I normally have a very strong constitution and never have colds!!!! So come on sun and warm weather do your thing!!!

Oh yes and don't forget that it's MOTHERS DAY on Sunday!!! We've got a wide range of scarves, jewellery, bags, candles and soaps that would make ideal Mothers Day presents!!!!

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