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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Spring 2014 La Badia Pumps!!

Hello Ladies, our new La Badia pumps arrived about ten days ago but I've been saving them until I could mail you all - giving you all an equal chance to grab the ones you love in your size.

I have a wee explanation to give you first:

Buying shoes is not easy! There are so many sizes, so many feet, all of them different. Having studied several past seasons of La Badia orders to see which sizes had sold best I discovered that...there are no best-selling sizes! 
So this is what I have done:

All of the above styles I have bought in every size, from a European 35 - 42 and all the half sizes too (15 different sizes in total!) I only have 1 of each size apart from a 38 and 39 where I bought 2 pairs. 
(But - La Badia ran out of the salmon coloured suede (on the far left in the photo) so they only made me 1 pair of every whole size and 2 size 38s.)

Confused? You will be!

My idea is that each of you will have a choice of all of the new colours, plus a range of other colours in your size, to choose from. This way, no matter what size you are, we'll have something for you. But if you want a specific colour from our new range then you'll have to be quick!

I hope this makes sense to you all. Think of it as a library of La Badias!
Get in touch if there are any ones you love and want me to hold for you or send to you.
Laura x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Clearance Sale in the Leconfield Hall this Saturday!

Hello Ladies, 
You've probably received a flyer or seen the banner outside Natwest Bank. But in case you haven't - here it is!
We've had a good clear out and there will be all sorts of bargains from previous seasons, as well as what's left from this winter sale.
Chris, our dear friend Heidi and Chris's sister Bev will be in the hall. Ann & I will be in the shop leaving them to it!  
Have fun! Laura x