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Friday, 16 August 2013

SALE, SALE, SALE.........

Yes it's here ladies........THERAPY 'END OF SEASON SALE'

And that's what it is this year, an 'end of season sale'. We decided this year not to be dictated to by the High Street and go on sale when they did. I mean they all seemed to go on sale at the end of June!!!! And that just seemed a little ridiculous to us as our Summers never really seem to start until the middle of July, and then when you're looking for summer clothes it's all Autumn stuff and what summer clothes there are are just one mass of chaos hanging on a sale rail, and who wants to trawl through that!! We have usually had our sale in mid July but took the decision this year to have a proper 'end of season sale', like they always used to be!!!!!

How did it come to be that Summer Sales were held before the summer started and Winter Sales were held before the coldest part of the year. Who decided it should be like that, what were they thinking!!! I really don't know. Who knows soon we'll be selling Summer clothes in December and Winter clothes in June!!!! Laura and I keep saying our buying seasons have got earlier and earlier, instead of being 6 months in advance we now seem to be buying a whole year in advance!!! And we've noticed that the delivery times are getting earlier and earlier, some of the labels we carry do want to deliver the start of Spring/Summer in December!!! We ask to have them delivered later. But I suppose if you can't put your delivery dates back then you are going to want your Sale earlier to free up room for your new stock!!! God what a nightmare.

Anyway what is nice about being an Independent shop is that we can have our Sale when we want. And we can react to what the weather's doing. All our stock is in one place and we know what stock we've got. We decided on 17th August as a good date, but if we had seen from the long range forecast that last week the weather was going to be dreadful from then until mid September we could have pulled the Sale forward by a week.

Well ladies just to let you know our doors open at 10.00am on SATURDAY 17th AUGUST for our END OF SEASON SALE!!!

Come and grab yourself a bargain

Take care