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Thursday, 3 January 2013


Hello Ladies

First of all let me wish you all a very Happy New Year.

And secondly let me apologise for not having written a blog for so long. What with December being so busy, right from the first weekend with our town late night opening event, which was a great success. I really just do not know where the time went!!!! I know excuses excuses!!!!!!!

So as you can see from the photo we have started our famous SALE!!!!!! You haven't left it too late as we only started the sale on Saturday 29th December, so today is only the fourth day of the sale!!!! Hurry on down!!! We have just done some further markdowns today!!!!!!

If the sale is not your cup of tea then fear not!!


We have had all our lovely cashmere in, and it is selling very quickly, as always!!! The colours are out of this world! V-neck jumpers in four different colours :- Apple Green, Turquoise, Yellow and Grey. V- neck cardigans in two stunning colours :- Fuschia Pink and Apple Green. And some fabulous long-line tunics in an ombre Pink and ombre Blue, both with an over pattern of Paisley, they really are stunning!!!

Our famous Jackpot stock is out on the shopfloor in our basement area with some scrummy knits and t-shirts. Also we have some skirts and trousers in a lovely blue with a black spot, such fun!!!!

We get new stock delivered nearly everyday at this time of year, so keep popping in and see what goodies we have!!! You don't want to miss out. As you know once it's gone it's gone!!!!!

Hopefully ladies will see an improvement in my blogging this year ( one of my new year resolutions ) as I am investing in a proper computer which I will be able to put photos onto the blog with and change font, colours, layout etc!!! Oh God who knows what I'll get up to, there'll be no stopping me........

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