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Friday, 19 July 2013


Well ladies at long last the hot sunny weather is here.........Yippee!!!!!

Or are you one of those people who loves to see the sun but hates the heat and humidity??? Yep,that's me, so you're not alone, or strange!!!!

So how do we go about keeping cool in these extreme temperatures??? Wearing the right clothing and fabric is the answer.

High temperatures combined with high humidity can make life really uncomfortable, especially if you're not used to it, like us in dear old blighty!!! We keep cool mainly by sweating; the evaporation of the liquid takes heat away from the body. Sweat evaporates less quickly when the humidity is high, and so has less of a cooling effect. For this reason, fabrics for hot humid weather should help maximise the flow of air through the clothing, allowing heat and moist air to escape. It also helps if the clothing is loose fitting.


Some fabrics tend to trap heat by providing an insulating layer over the skin. Others tend to reflect heat back to the body and inhibit the outward flow of warm, moist air, this is often true of synthetic fibres, such as Polyester. Another important factor is the ability of a material to absorb water. Synthetic fibres tend to be water-repellent; they allow sweat to build up, reducing evaporation and causing discomfort and irritation. Natural fibres are generally better at soaking up moisture from the skin and allowing it to evaporate from the outer surface.

As a general rule, the best fabrics for hot humid weather are the ones made from natural materials, such as Cotton, Linen and Viscose. Strictly speaking, Viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre, but it is made from natural raw materials and resembles natural fibres in its properties. These materials tend to "breathe" more than synthetics such as Polyester. Wool and Silk are not good choices, as they tend to retain heat, and Silk lose some of its strength through exposure to strong sunlight and perspiration.


Cotton is an excellent material for hot humid weather because it permits movement of air from the skin through the fabric, allowing heat to dissipate reducing humidity. It also absorbs moisture well, keeping the skin dry and increasing evaporation.


Linen like Cotton is cool and absorbant, and very comfortable to wear. It loses water quickly when it gets wet or damp, which is a useful feature in hot humid conditions. The material is relatively stain resistant and can be machine washed; however it tends to become very wrinkled and creased easily. It is also susceptible to mildew.


Viscose is made from natural cellulose(wood pulp) which is subjected to various chemical treatments to create a fibrous material suitable for clothing. Like Cotton and Linen, it is cool and comfortable to wear; it does not trap body heat, absorbs water easily, making it ideal for hot humid conditions.

Other things we ought to consider are the colour of our clothes. Generally, light coloured clothes are better for hot humid weather as they reflect light and heat. Clothing should also be loose and comfortable, for maximum air flow. And another we mustn't forget it to drink plenty of water. Try not to drink too many drinks with caffeine in as caffeine is very dehydrating. The weather is set for another week of high temperatures so enjoy, but don't forget your sun cream!!!!!

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Take care Ladies