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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Do you feel like a mad March Hare?

Welcome to March! The month of mad Hares, March winds, daffodils and sunshine. Already we've had more sunshine this month than for the year so far - hooray!

I don't know about you ladies, but my mood has improved dramatically with the brightening days. I can almost picture myself in strappy sandals - I can't wait!

In the meantime, get into Spring by investing in a few "transitional" pieces. Now as long as I've been in fashion, designers have been trying to perfect the right clothes for the right season. As all of us know, though, the fashion seasons seem to have no bearing on real weather. So we find bikinis in January and fur coats in July - crazy.

Imagine what it's like for us trying to sell these! I've tried over the years to buy into transitional ranges - "mid season", "holiday", call them what you will - I've never found them to work very well.

What does work is layering! Yes, that thing that we don't consciously do much down here. Well at this time of year we do it very well. Think about it: It's March, we're sick of our winter wardrobe and it's too cold to wear linen unless we're wintering in Australia or of doubtful sanity. But wait - we can!

We've been selling linen shifts & skirts, leggings, jeans, long sleeve tee shirts, cardigans. Any one of these can be teamed with our existing wardrobes.
Imagine - a pretty cornflower blue linen shift, over a white long sleeve tee, on top of skinny jeans and worn-in boots.
Or how about a linen skirt teamed with a cashmere jumper and knee high boots?
Perhaps a pintucked and embroidered cotton top in the prettiest pale pink worn over a grey turtle neck with jeans and ballet pumps?

I'm delighted to see our customers embracing the new Spring collections. So don't wait for the temperature to rise, treat yourselves to something new and wear it now!

Laura x