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Friday, 24 August 2012

Hello Ladies! Just a quick message to say that Louise is on a well earned break this week. Not that that stopped me dragging her to London on Monday to the Pure trade show at Olympia where we were finishing off our buying for next Spring.

I know, if it sounds confusing to you, it is even more so for us. We're clearing the last of our summer stock, putting out new Autumn stock and buying for next year - we don't even know what day it is!

I've added some new photos of some of our Autumn 12 collections. Apologies for my poor photography skills - but at least you can get a flavour of what you will be wearing this winter.

Fortunately our merchandising skills are somewhat better, so do pop in and see what's new. I've already secured a fabulous print mesh dress from Oui which I intend to wear with my summer jeggings and sandals on Saturday. And I even contemplated donning my new gorgeously heavy ribbed cashmere knit this week, but feared I might expire in the heat!

We know you've been crying out for cashmere and we're very excited about the beautiful CSM collection from Germany. The quality is the best we've ever seen and as well as subtle greys and oatmeal we have jewel-like magenta and burnt orange - scrummy.

But we're practical too and appreciate that the Indian summer is still with us. So we have plenty of lightweight tops and jeans in bottle green and brick - big colours for winter. So if you've had enough of the British summer and want to enliven your wardrobe, then we've got loads of lovely clothes to choose from.

Lou will be back after the Bank Holiday weekend with plenty of news. So tune in next week!
Laura x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


An an apt title for this weeks blog I think as this is the first chance I've had this week to sit down and "put pen to paper", as we used to say! So my sincere apologies if you checked in on Monday expecting a new blog!

We ended the sale on Saturday, so Monday and Tuesday were spent moving the whole shop around! And let me tell you that is very hard work, especially when it's been as humid as this week! I am now absolutely shattered! So to be able to sit down and write this on a quietish, wet and humid day in the shop is bliss! We do still have a few sale items on the shop floor in the basement so if you are still looking out for a bargain come and have a rummage! We have had more New Season stock in, and very nice it's looking to, and selling quickly as well! Well I think people have given up on Summer and are now definitely onto Autumn mode! It's just so annoying that I cannot put the photos I take with my IPad onto the blog, otherwise you would have had loads of pics of the lovely new clothes we have in to drool over, oh well you'll just have to come in and have a look. And don't forget that we generally only have one of each size, so when it's gone it's gone!!

So as I said, I was shattered after work on Monday and all I wanted to do was get home and put my feet up! But I have recently started Yoga on a Monday evening, and you can guess what I'm going to say! Yep I didn't want to go!! But I had made a commitment to myself and to my teacher to go each week, as she is struggling to get numbers up in this particular class. So I got home about 5.50pm and then had about 45mins until I needed to go out again, I ummed and I aahhed about whether to go or not, and I decided I would. So with a sip of water a change of clothes I was off! And oh, I'm so glad I went as I was the only person there, it must be so disheartening for her, until 10 minutes into the lesson someone arrived late! So that made two!! And as I arrived I thought " well my bodys' not going to get into any of these positions tonight", well it proved me wrong! Not only did my energy seem to reappear but I seemed to be able to bend further, weird! And the time flew by! I still can't do 'Tree' though!! So I wended my way back home, put on my dressing gown and had a lovely bowl of porridge, marvelling at what a wonderful instrument the body is!!

Food for thought!

Take care

Most probably no blog next week as I have got a week off! HOLIDAY!!

Monday, 6 August 2012


Yes The Sale will end on Saturday 11th August!

The sale seems to have gone really quickly this year, it only seems five minutes ago that we were setting it up! I know the weather hasn't been that great this Summer and it now feels we are nearer Autumn than Summer but you could still pick up some bargains if you are just about to go off on your hols! We have done some further markdowns and added a few new items into the sale. You can get t-shirts as cheap as £5, linen trousers for £40, crop jeggings for £20 and Summer dresses for as little as £30! So do pop down this week because once it's gone it's gone!

We had a move about in the shop on Friday and got some of our lovely new Autumn clothes onto the shop floor, and they look fab, even if I do say so myself! We've had our first deliveries in for Oui, Jackpot and Part Two in some really fab colours, Bottle Green, Cigar and Royal Blue. Why not pop in a have a peek at the new jeans, jeggings, culottes, scrummy knits, tops and scarves. And I mustn't forget to tell you that we've had some of our Part Two and Jackpot t-shirts in, and you know how quickly they go! Many of the knits and tops are still quite lightweight, so with the weather we've been having, you'll be able to wear them straightaway!

Actually I quite like the feel of Autumn coming as more often than not you do get some beautiful weather, clear blue skies, sun shining and still some warmth. But in the early mornings you get that lovely dewy, misty look to everything and the evenings are usually sublime, even if it does get dark a little earlier. And have you noticed that wonderful smell that says Autumn, oohh it just makes you want to stand still with your eyes closed head flung back and take in great deep lungfuls of air and savour everything that we have around us! We are so lucky to live where we do!

So with those few tasters of what is in store for us over the next month or two why not pop into Therapy and see what we can tempt you with!

Take care.