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Monday, 3 September 2012

I'M BACK..........

Hello Ladies

Gosh it seems a long time since I have written the blog, but it's only two weeks, doesn't time fly when you're having fun! My holiday just seems to have gone by in a flash, and I expect you're feeling the same way if you have got children going back to school this week!! All the chaos of last minute bits and pieces they need for the beginning of a new school year, I can remember that I always had to have a new pencil case even if the old one was perfectly ok, and then you find that they have grown 3 or 4 inches over the holidays and their trousers or skirts are too short, more mad dashing around!!!

Well ladies once you have got your children all safely back to school and you have some time to yourselves you really must pop in and see us. The reason being?

Our new season stock is arriving thick and fast! And it is gorgeous!

The colours are out of this world, purple, orange, bottle green, cobalt blue, magenta, burnt red, silver grey and so many more! None of your boring high street staples of brown and black, that they always seem to get in for the Autumn!

We have had 3 new colours of the fab FDJ jeans in, in Forest, Burnt Red, and Purple, so come in early to avoid disappointment, you know how quickly we sell them!

Our famous mesh dresses by Oui are now in, and we've already sold out of one style! And Oui are not doing a remake!! Horrors!

Our new Toni Pons boots are due in this week along with a new make of shoe, which we think are going to be a must have! Our new colour of La Badia pumps are due in at the end of September! I'll keep you posted as to when they arrive!

And I know Laura told you about our new cashmere. Well, it is out of this world, and if you haven't already come along and had a look then you really should, it's just so yummy and snuggly and wrap yourself upable, I know I've just made that word up, but I like the sound of it!

So here's to those lovely sunny Autumn days to come with their chilly mornings and evenings with their low lying mists over the fields and glorious sunsets!


Take care and see you soon!

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