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Friday, 28 September 2012


Hosiery, Pantyhose, Tights!

Very funny sounding names if you ask me!

But it's got to that time of year when we are thinking of wearing them again. And I must say that in the Winter I find it much warmer to wear a skirt/dress with tights than wearing jeans/trousers with socks! It's all to do with layers!

Now tights do not have to be boring or make an outfit look ordinary, oh no they can be fun and the making of an outfit!

Last winter the big thing was "colour blocking" it was the buzzword of the winter and ever since colour has remained highly topical.
Now I know you're asking, what is colour blocking and what does it mean?
It refers to an especially bold display of contrasting colours: fuchsia set off against white, for instance, or mimosa against cayan or black set off against mint and lilac. Now don't panic I know it sounds extreme, but just think, if you're wearing a dress that falls just below the knee with a pair of boots and you have a pair of tights on in a stunning colour, just imagine the look you'll create as you're getting out of the car, going upstairs or the wind blows......! Now that sounds good doesn't it! The opaque tight is the way to go for this look and we have Jonathan Aston tights in stock now in some fab colours. Some why not pop in and see what colour blocking you can create for your own unique look!

Nothing changes a look as much as hosiery can. Sometimes an oufit has to work for the work day and on into the evening too. Professional for the office, formal for meetings, elegant for dinner and casual for an aperitif. How is this possible? You change your legwear!

But oh the bane of hosiery is the dreaded ladders!!!!!

Here are some tips to hopefully make your hosiery last longer:

1: Choose the correct size. This is by no means trivial. Hosiery sizes will often not correspond to clothing sizes. The S, M and L indicators in hosiery equally refer to both width and length.

2: The smoother your nails and the softer your hands, the lower the risk of laddering when putting on your hosiery.

3: They easily get forgotten: your feet. The same applies here as for the hands: file for the nails and cream for the skin.

4: Quality is critical. Check for these: are the toe heel and waistband reinforced?

5: The degree of sheerness is defined by the yarn strength: the sheerer, the more delicate.

6: Patterned tights appear delicate but will often prove more resistant than the classic circular knit with elastane.

7: Avoid all natural enemies of sheer hosiery! Especially the playful cats and dogs. And there is only one thing you can do about non-concealed zips on skirts or unvarnished chair legs! BE CAREFUL!!!!

So go on take the plunge this autumn/winter and buy yourself some fun coloured tights!

Most probably no blog next week as I shall be in Rome and Florence! My first holiday abroad! I'll let you know how I get on!

Take care

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