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Monday, 17 September 2012


Hello Ladies

Hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely Autumn weather we're having!

I don't know if any of you went to the Goodwood Revival at the weekend? Myself and my husband go all three days and we have done for a number of years now, it is the one event that we will not miss! It has something for both of us, the cars and the dressing up, my husband loves dressing up and I love cars and visa versa!!!

The fashion from the 40's and the 50's!! Did everyone always look so well put together, did everyone always wear a hat, were the hairstyles always so intricate! How did they manage!

Am I looking at it through Rose tinted spectacles?

Over the weekend I saw so many ladies and men looking wonderful. And I know the effort and thought that would have gone into putting those outfits together. Did the women always look like that when they went out because the majority of women now work and don't have the time to do their hair into complicated styles or have we just lost the knack of doing those styles and now rely on a hairdresser to do them for us when we are going somewhere special? Women also had more time then to make their own clothes and customise their old clothes, oh to be able to do things like that! There were 3 or 4 hairdressing salons at the Revival and they were doing a thriving business, but the amount of pins and hairspray that was being used, and the creations that were walking out of them were stunning! And so many vintage shops, I could have just spent the whole 3 days looking round them, but I would have missed all the racing!! I have got 2 vintage coats that I picked up several years ago, which I wear every year, and to think that they look as good as new and they are over 60 years old is astounding!! The men, the men oh the men!! They looked just as good as the women! Again did they always look so smart? I want one of those things Hermione has in Harry Potter to go back in time and have a good look around and see what your everyday family got up to and how they dressed and did things!! Ooh think of all the things I could buy to wear to Revival next year!!

But and oh yes there must be a but! Going to the loo, not easy!!!

I think the majority of us nowadays would find the clothes from those eras just too, what's the word I'm looking for, rigid, constraining, yes that's the word, constraining for our way of life now. Yes we don't wear as many dresses and skirts as we used to, but have you tried lifting a toddler into the back of a car, or heaving shopping in and out of the car, or climbing up a ladder to clean the windows, not easy in a dress!

Time and fashion have moved on as they must and we can relive those special years through events like The Goodwood Revival and look through our Rose tinted spectacles!!

Here at Therapy we pride ourselves in the knowledge that whatever you buy from us you will always look your best!

So come along and have a look at all our gorgeous heavy knits that have just arrived, they won't be hanging around for long now the weather is turning cooler and the leaves are beginning to drop from the trees!!

If you pop in this week treat me carefully I'm feeling a bit like a zombie today after my 3 days of living in the 40's!!!!

Take care

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