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Monday, 6 August 2012


Yes The Sale will end on Saturday 11th August!

The sale seems to have gone really quickly this year, it only seems five minutes ago that we were setting it up! I know the weather hasn't been that great this Summer and it now feels we are nearer Autumn than Summer but you could still pick up some bargains if you are just about to go off on your hols! We have done some further markdowns and added a few new items into the sale. You can get t-shirts as cheap as £5, linen trousers for £40, crop jeggings for £20 and Summer dresses for as little as £30! So do pop down this week because once it's gone it's gone!

We had a move about in the shop on Friday and got some of our lovely new Autumn clothes onto the shop floor, and they look fab, even if I do say so myself! We've had our first deliveries in for Oui, Jackpot and Part Two in some really fab colours, Bottle Green, Cigar and Royal Blue. Why not pop in a have a peek at the new jeans, jeggings, culottes, scrummy knits, tops and scarves. And I mustn't forget to tell you that we've had some of our Part Two and Jackpot t-shirts in, and you know how quickly they go! Many of the knits and tops are still quite lightweight, so with the weather we've been having, you'll be able to wear them straightaway!

Actually I quite like the feel of Autumn coming as more often than not you do get some beautiful weather, clear blue skies, sun shining and still some warmth. But in the early mornings you get that lovely dewy, misty look to everything and the evenings are usually sublime, even if it does get dark a little earlier. And have you noticed that wonderful smell that says Autumn, oohh it just makes you want to stand still with your eyes closed head flung back and take in great deep lungfuls of air and savour everything that we have around us! We are so lucky to live where we do!

So with those few tasters of what is in store for us over the next month or two why not pop into Therapy and see what we can tempt you with!

Take care.

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