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Monday, 30 July 2012


Yes a marathon. Why? For a start it took me an age to even get onto the computer to write this blog today as the iPad would not co-operate with me, it didn't want me to write anything, worked out that a button had been pressed that shouldn't have been!!!

Well as you will have worked out my topic this week has been inspired by The Olympics!

Life can be a marathon sometimes and at other times feel like you are running the 100 metres. Sometimes life is such a drag and nothing seems to be going right and everyone wants a piece of you and at others there is so much to do with so little time! But whatever life throws at you it always seems to work out in the end, you just have to have faith in yourself and your abilities!

We heard so much from all those "Doubting Thomas's" about how The Olympic Park wouldn't be ready for the Olympics and how we would fail to live up to The Bejing Olympics of 2008, but we were ready and Danny Boyle showed the world how to put on a show. It made me so proud to be British and made me go quite goose bumperly! How did it make you feel? I just hope that all the athletes keep their heads and have good support around them to fend off the media hype about them winning " gold", let them be, let them enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

If you sat down at 7pm on Friday evening to watch The Opening Ceremony, then you did a marathon, I watched every second and only turned it off when, I'm sorry if I upset anyone when I say this, Paul McCartney took to the stage! Great idea of Danny Boyle's of a way to clear the arena quickly!! Sorry, but he really is past it!!

In the shop at the moment it really does feel like we are doing the 100 metres, as the sale is in full swing and we've had loads of lovely customers in, OMG Julie Walters has just walked in, that we don't seem to stop from the moment we walk in in the morning until we close the door to go home! If you're still on the hunt for a bargain then we've got some fab ones, pop in and have a look, they're not going to be around for long! Run that 100 metres down to us!

Take care.

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