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Monday, 23 July 2012

TOPSY TURVY.........

It's a topsy turvy old world isn't it?

Last Monday was as cold and wet as a November day and today it's Summer again! But for how long? Who knows! Personally I would like to think that this is the beginning of our Summer! If I think back over the years, August and September are beautiful months with lovely warm sunny days, and well yes I know the evenings are starting to draw in and are slightly cooler, but does it matter? Not really.

We at Therapy have only just started our Sale, but the shops on the High Street have been in Sale since the end of June! So now, when the weather has turned and we all want to go and buy something new and summery, they are full of Autumn clothes or sale summer clothes that are looking very tired! Fear not we still have fab Summer clothes, linen dresses, trousers, tops, cool summer dresses and gorgeous summer shoes! Come along and visit us for a little retail therapy, you know it will do you good!!!

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