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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sunshine & Flowers At Therapy!

Therapy is wearing her summer colours - courtesy of the wonderful Spriggs Florist - even more wonderful when I tell you that the price of this beauty includes watering every day! 
It's lovely to see everything in full bloom, although I would love to have a consistent spell of sunshine. It's not just because Therapy has lots of wonderful summer dresses in stock, but because the sunshine is such a balm to our spirits! We blossom in the sunshine - just like the flowers.

Oops! When I started writing this we weren't having a wee heatwave! Aren't we funny? Longing for sunshine and then sweating and expiring when we get it! Well, all the more reason to pop in and see our range of summer dresses. I've attached a couple of photos. The white dress is linen from Luca Vanucci. I have one in navy and it feels lovely. They do fantastic long linen skirts and cute little jackets too - and the prices are excellent.

The dress above is from Desigual. They are such fun! The Spanish certainly know a thing or two about combining colours. We have lots of different shapes and prints - all in easy-wear jersey. Add a pair of Toni Pons wedges for a dressed up look or throw it on with a pair of flip flops for a casual day out.

But if dresses aren't your thing then worry not: We have crop jeans from Amazing Woman, unfussy skirts from Natural Wave and some innovative stretch linen trousers from NYDJ - and we all know what a brilliant fit their jeans are.

Other news:
We are open on Sundays from 11am - 4pm. We have our lovely new Saturday girl Danni working on Sundays for the summer. We'll take a view on whether it's worth continuing in the autumn. So if you can take benefit of our extra day's trading then please do!

We have a wee sale rail in the basement again. There are some bargains from last summer's sale as well as current season's stock at good reductions. We won't have our sale proper until August so do come and check out our pre-sale goodies.

I'm about to start buying for next spring and looking forward to finding lots more gorgeous things for you to wear. But I'm feeling very languid in this heat and happy in the meantime just to waft around enjoying this beautiful county. I hope you are too.

Laura x 

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