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Thursday, 30 July 2015

I'm Running Away To Join The Circus!

Hello Ladies, 
The end of July/August is one of those times of the year when I am involved in intense juggling. 

The summer season (should be) still at its height - linen is still selling and frocks for Goodwood and weddings are sought after. But the fashion industry is no respecter of seasons (nor is our British weather) and I'm already inundated with deliveries of new Autumn stock. As if that weren't enough to confuse me, I am busy placing orders for Spring 2016. Help! At this point in the year I can forget who I am!

So what am I doing about it? I'm hedging my bets, that's what! Some of the stock in our latest window above is new for Autumn, we still have a great selection of cool linen dresses for those of you bound for sunnier climes, and we even have a Pre-Sale sale rail in the basement crammed with bargains for those of you who can't wait for our Sale proper. Something for everyone I hope. 

The photograph below is a wee taster of Part Two's new Autumn range. Do you like the deep red? It's very sumptuous and looks great with grey or navy. Oh and we have received our new Autumn colours from La Badia already! I only have three new options for you - there was a wee problem with availability on some of the leathers I chose. But I hope you'll like them as much as I do. My favourite is a yummy Zebra print cowhide with black leather heel and toe - I've tried on my size already but am resisting temptation in case any of my customers with size 37 feet are tempted too!

And while I'm still optimistic that we have more sunny weather to enjoy before "Summer" is over, I am looking forward to delivery in August of our Toni Pons boots. (Am I allowed to admit that?) I've chosen some fantastic new styles - all of them as well-priced, comfortable and good looking as my previous favourites.

The photo above is a close up of the new Desigual knit that I've put in the window. The colours and floral print are so striking that I just had to post it again! 

As for what yummy things I've selected for new Spring 16 - I think you'll be pleased with my findings. Although it's confusing to juggle three seasons at one time, it does mean that the best and worst of the current season's sellers are fresh in my mind when I go out to buy, as well as your feedback on sizes and styles that you'd like to see. So hopefully I do a better job for Therapy and for all of you! 

So my juggling continues and although I am tempted at times to run away and join the circus, I think on reflection that I'll hang around and enjoy the fruits of my labour. I hope that you all will too. 

Laura x

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