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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Therapy Summer Sale Starts Saturday 16th August!

Hello Ladies! 

Once again I was shocked when returning to my blog page to see that it has been more than a month since I last wrote to you all. Where did that go?! The long sultry days of summer saw me sweating gently and trying hard to waft around the shop in an attempt to keep cool. Happily, thanks to you all, I ended up instead doing lots of running up and down stairs finding shoes and stuff!

It's been such a pleasure to see the summer clothes I chose so long ago come to life on you all. And having the weather in which to enjoy wearing them was such a blessing. Petworth has been full of life this summer with more European visitors then we've seen for a number of years. The town looks fabulous, garlanded with Spriggs' gorgeous hanging baskets. As usual we had our enormous flowering display above the shop window. I'm still hoping to win "best dressed station" one of these years!

Along with my manic shop-wafting I've been busy buying collections for next summer 2015. It is nerve wracking buying so far in advance but at the same time it's good to have the season I'm buying for fresh in my mind. My wee brain is furiously computing as I consider the best and worst sellers of this season and compile my wish list for next summer.

One of the main qualities that a fashion buyer needs is optimism. It takes a degree of insanity to commit so much money in advance when the variables that can affect our business are so numerous. That's why being enthusiastically optimistic is important.

It can however lead to a few mistakes. My old colleague at Jenners once said of the stock that sits around not selling: "There will always be some dogs, that sit up and bark at you every time you pass them on the shopfloor!" 

Which brings me neatly round to the Sale. As promised we're having a proper end of season sale. We start our Sale this Saturday - 16th August. As the weather takes a cooler turn I am concerned that we've left it too late. I've hedged my bets by putting out some of our lovely new autumn collections - I believe in offering something for everyone!

My usual neuroses aside I am quietly confident that our Sale will be a success. I'm an old fashioned shopkeeper and believe in genuine discounts. To me the Sale is a chance to offer you all a great bargain as a way of saying thank you for supporting us through the season. Besides, the stock that goes into the Sale has been floating around in my head since I first saw it last July and it's time to say goodbye!

So I'm looking forward to Saturday and enjoying the planning and preparation that goes into every Sale. I hope you'll all have as much fun as I will.

Ooh, after February's success I will also be open this Sunday 17th August from 11am until 4pm. (Thank you Susie!)

See you on Saturday!

Laura x

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