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Monday, 14 May 2012



Just when I was wondering what to write about this week and coming up with zilch I decided to trawl the net and see what I could find to liven up your week. And here is the result.

I found this on an American website and some of it will make you laugh, some pull your hair out and some make you think "WHAT".....
I came up with a few choice answers, but I'm sure you will come up with your own!

Every woman knows that shopping has a relaxing effect and this is exactly why we love it so much.

1. When women shop for clothes they feel better than when they have to buy kitchenware and domestic goods.

2. Women who shop for over 17 hours a week and spend over £100 are slimmer and healthier than those who spend less time in stores and spend less money.

3. Woman think about shopping as often as men think about sex! 74% of women admit they think about shopping every minute ie 950 times a day. Two out of five women claim they are shoe and bag addicts!

4. Women-shopacholics have fewer wrinkles and feel much younger than women who dislike shopping.

5. The majority of women who love shopping are more confident and suffer less from depression.

6. During an average lifetime a woman spends 25 184 hours 53 minutes shopping.

7. A woman spends around 48 hours 51 minutes looking at shop windows during a year.

8. Women that do shopping a few times a week are usually in a better mood than women who only shop at weekends!

9. Woman spend more money on clothes for a holiday than on the holiday itself.

10. The most bought items by women are jeans, t-shirts and tops.

Well what did you make of those? I have got several answers for all those points!!!!!!!!!
Hope they cheered you up on another dank old day!!

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